vague gatherings

vague gatherings * #oneiricfiction excerpt:   collapsing memory structure of environment, barely intact , non critical features I think- courtyard, school compound, outdoor walls, overhead shelters, halls and broad spaces meant as doors for crowd, professors, public, students   beige, beige, painted   names called from rosters, announcements from thin air, are we on a mountain plateau? bridges connecting hills and ascents? I know the face of a name called, but he left seeking shower, change of clothes, then returning, in old wrap of cloth, returning as if to a clinic, as if to school days, walking past me to … Continue reading vague gatherings

carparks and corridors

We are investigating what appears to be an abandoned car. Dark blue, windows rolled down. The carpark is mostly empty on such a night but the housing building has more than several lights on, as if people were staring from their kitchens, watching us, hypnotic. Up in one of the houses, there’s allegedly, a birthday party, now paused and depressed, full of people in dark clothes. Are birthdays and funerals the same thing?   “what fool leaves the cake in a car?”   I remember the chocolate cake, creamy, possibly with strawberries and jagged slices of white chocolate, single tiered … Continue reading carparks and corridors

what did Mandy want? * or the dream as a result of antihistamines **

  “We fought, we broke up, because I was rude to Eric.” a tricky conscience, semi-clear, what did I say or how did I say it? She made it clear but i wasn’t sure. She, the manipulator.   I’m poised on the railing, overlooking the old school, nine storey drop, sun in my face. To climb down with sure footing is to clean air conditioning fan belts. I didn’t feel like falling today. Sister is talking to me, about bathrooms and perhaps, suicide, but I cannot decipher a thing.   Hung on the van door, or pasted, is a picture … Continue reading what did Mandy want? * or the dream as a result of antihistamines **

alice on film thus the false war 

* we were too close to the cinematic screen, sitting at a bad angle. the film wasn’t continuous, too many broken parts, a non-linear anthology with long fade to blacks and back again. it could’ve been Alice lost in india, if india was a storm, lost at sea; alice, first as animated, too young a girl, then in the flesh, in a golden saree, skin burnt dark and spirit worn out by heat and space. the film took long months out of our patience, a seeded restlessness growing in acres. just as we thought it ended, another scene began, crawling … Continue reading alice on film thus the false war 

white passage / grey passage

white: the universal code of illuminated bodies – clothed by oracles, makers, sowers – sent out to the day cities woman as mental voice; instructing, suggestive. hours as metabolism, as tempo or growth; time deceleration.   we are late for a gathering but never late at all mall as difficult habitat, expanse and height, ever changing, stairs moving in opposite directions, climbing up facades that roll down and under, second floor never reached.   the feeling of time contracts while exposure to it expands   “the old man’s wife is here”   the white mansion is new, the double door … Continue reading white passage / grey passage


if I was struck down, I did not feel any pain. I only know I’m on my back, head tilted backwards to see what was behind me. the only truth of those things would be in the camera. It was hard to focus the lens, but I captured his face, those bright pin points of pink light in the black cesspool of his eyes, his fangs, a hunger baring. my dealer, and some others, had turned. only in hindsight do we think about sources. -was it the contents of those packages, consumed? or -the sudden exposure to lights? -where did … Continue reading fallens

the serpentines

to and perhaps from night stations, i carry a virus, a troubled prolonging of sleep, the wandering body caught unawares in deep blank place. If they were struck down, i did not hear it. but see- the women known as mother and sister – emerging from a house I do not know, into scared night, into a backyard of dense wood and orange lights see them slowly stumbling, burdened, down the steps a part of me is projected through cell signals, into white flouro dispatch static, talking to handlers reciting medical histories, implants, surgical maps on old skin part of … Continue reading the serpentines

White land and the modern mysticals

I this uniform has a history of anger – a sick, pale green; the memory of schooling and military hair, as an extension of old consciousness, is shaved off at 7.30.a.m. it takes too much time, too many stressors, chasing a clock that does not move. the black, electric shaver goes missing while messy, missed clusters of hair remain.  through a mirror I see my skull newly extended from the back with possible implants, growth, swelling or otherwise. frustration escalates but I now kneel on the master bed of the old house. She is propped against pillows, a face mixed … Continue reading White land and the modern mysticals

of sacraments, the medicine man and the two mothers

a descent into tunnels, the world below. escher steps, obsidian, polished, bringing me deeper, level by level, walking among voiceless souls. The roll of white paper in my hand contain the sacraments, to be consumed slowly but mostly never in public. this exposure is a freak of bravery, the showing of the hand in such exoteric company. an administration officer of the station, in red vestments, spots then rushes up to me. I try to keep the sacraments but she knows. she issues a complex threat. do not keep it, you’ve been caught, you have to eat it all immediately … Continue reading of sacraments, the medicine man and the two mothers

the great black lion

there are no true signs of quarantine or panic at the hospital, only vacated emergency rooms, an array of disorganised equipment, crookedly parked beds, empty, unfolded towels, sheets, paraphernalia on the floor. it feels there should be more people here but there isn’t. a fireman sits behind a baggage counter, a dark blue uniformed man scanning tags, hefting large suitcases onto some other platform.   out of halogen light space, I gather myself under a canopy of looming trees and darkness, where a restless young girl, rearranging armchairs and footstools to form a bed, tries to sink into the sleep … Continue reading the great black lion