vague gatherings

vague gatherings
* #oneiricfiction excerpt:
collapsing memory structure of environment, barely intact , non critical features
I think-
courtyard, school compound, outdoor walls, overhead shelters, halls and broad spaces meant as doors for
crowd, professors, public, students
beige, beige, painted
names called from rosters, announcements from thin air, are we on a mountain plateau? bridges connecting hills and ascents? I know the face of a name called, but he left seeking shower, change of clothes, then returning, in old wrap of cloth, returning as if to a clinic, as if to school days, walking past me to his wife who crouches in corner, she does not see me, husband’s name, called, to what, to where? why? possibly lynching / democratic voting
night clinic offers not enough info
I fight to keep the scene together but its amnesia taking over, forms collapsing into forgetting
environments erasing
not enough to hold up this world, not enough to mean something
my mind reels further back, into illusion of time before
an afternoon light, an evening light, finished
land elevated to roof, lesser walls, non-mountain, now on top of building, windows and light
night clientele coming in from cities, from offices, post-dinner into drinks and else kind while the world sleeps, roamers
seeking dealers, reclining in sofas, on bean bags, on beach chairs, on carpet floors, illicit substances passed around, consuming, encompassing bodies, blood flow, mind experiments, lung reaction, smoke inhalation with no smoke, I’m turning on the concrete, turning to face my dealer, inhaling, nothing significant, nothing here, meaningless here, an animal craving hardly snuffed out, the medicine isn’t working
#dailypoetry2016day9 #dailypoetry #irvingpaulpereira

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