05   clone of pine tree clone of afternoon birdless, windless   twin women in hall pink noise and savage angel   twin women on sofa one has cut her hair   twin women under sheets one of them is pregnant   clone of women clone of orifice one per limb   the hall is a tower nadir blinded by sunlight   clone of sun clone of milky way rainless, starless   twin women in bedroom one stands one sits silence   eight cloned women trance like, circling slowly touching furniture   #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Advertisements Continue reading 05


04 I am food for Tespu’s God floating on ponds I am dunes for Tespu’s desert full of mirages tight little thongs for the sex kittens of tespu sweet sacrament smoke for the shaman minds of tespu square opioid patch for the scarlet pain of tespu dream of strangers in the night zone of tespu score of drones for the fever films of tespu broken black nails on the chalkboard screech of tespu clarion trumpet blast for the final war for tespu   #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira   Continue reading 04


03 the family party or wedding or holiday in sepia we share a nostalgic street various formations of aunties sister must trigger a bomb from a cell phone turning church of white glass to orange mushroom cloud the phone cannot connect there is a street parade through evening lit house madre and aunties are ghosts through upstairs cot room running dog and cake scents the bomb won’t trigger open batt case, check phone the phone is armed the phone is the bomb   #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 03


02 X is the distance to tespu regardless of Y three be the ecstasy of tespu disregarding the five five nights to weave tespu into leopard skin wall veil of gold strangling tespu in the silver carpark flash fire near the trash bin pillar of tespu Amelia blue in the nuclear clock heart of tespu there’s salvation for tespu a warm muzzle for tespu a kennel each for the dog brides of tespu a warm tub each for the octopis of tespu #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 02


99 Tespus sitting on a wall for  99 nights 9 words/stanza 9 stanzas 99 poems 99 days #99tespus 01 invisible creatures again off radar terribles retreat to steeple   predators scourging highways stalking, dangling from shadow heaven wound   modify armoured vehicles attach swivel chairs to side mirrors   battalions disappearing in the early nights of the invasion   useless warcrafts failed ammo blind flame throwing pointless bomb   by lightningael ov electrol Yahweh currents crackle in bloodpaths   central nervous system W E A P O N I S E D fire pulselight from sweating palms   techno bodies … Continue reading 01

the strange significance of Jim Carrey ~ visiting me in a dream:

_   J.C. the clown the ‘man on the moon’ or this precise night archetypal jester/fool   I did not dream of him he visits me from the great beyond   emerging from a bag left on a stone stool in the wellness garden in the unwell place   sterile breeze but good for lungs   halogen white walls good for eyes   he follows be about telling me of old tv I’m going from admin to admin he hangs around me like a monkey on my shoulder   he tells of me old time when he was all slapstick … Continue reading the strange significance of Jim Carrey ~ visiting me in a dream:

for isa

  I may have seen you as a small child with your oversized back pack confused on a darkened dance floor   there is no one around except me, watching you   you had just run away looking for shelter and tribe   club lighting machines have mirrors attached to their mouths you try to see yourself in those but they are out of reach   there is no light no power nothing moves except my breathing and your breathing and the possible way our paths might cross in the future   the dance floor is the size of a … Continue reading for isa

tespu / opon configuration

two surrealist masters in a master bed room in discourse while a child pops out of a pill __   Monsierre tespu You owe me cotton candy two moons agog You took them out of my psyche Like the Giza of pyramid There’s a void inside me Monsierre Opon Put the sun disc into a capsule And it will generate a foetus put the foetus in an ice cube it will generate a blue mule Monsieur tespu Those who live far from the busses Are now closer to bicycles A man scans a bike for a ride But the ride … Continue reading tespu / opon configuration