a’n~sel-configuration mixed med’ia documen’t




we spoke about the horses
on a sovereign shore
touched by the teeth of broken glass

“i will give you a bank of thieves.” you said
“I will give you the blade of seas.”

I merely watched the waves
razing the shapes of faces

“the dandelion is your maze,” I said, “in the sallow hands of my heart.”

we are lost inside the forest of It-ness
fickle about the fruits that made us forlorn
you stepped into a tangle of veins
convinced by the contours of my chest
to rest on a bed of tails

you celebrated poison and sureness
you calibrated your fall
you posed for the final hour
you slept despite the storm

we talked about the trembling of distance
we talked about the depth and coil
“listen to the gargoyle of your love.” you said
“listen to the chime of your failing.”

there is comatose on your tongue
there are enzymes breaking down your daydreams
there is the typical rain of sadness
ruining the soles of your feet

you sought out horses by a sovereign shore
but only found riders, bleeding for manna
you sought out lilies by the lake
but only found the melancholy of mud





septu as
amalgam of the east


many faced temple
orbit / attic
whore-house of
moving nervous systems


septu in the eyes
tespu in the hands


also nest
also garden of eda
winter desert of the north


half mast
full sail
blue disembodied fruit
or foot in landscape
or citadel fire
clothed in southern smoke


calendar mutant of septu
time wells of septu
waves in pastel light rooms
waves in neon rain street
waves through hyperspatial western fronts


night of strangers and protocol
night of darkness swimming
pools to the other spaces
pools of chlorine lumii
animal faced sipping cocktails near pools
world pools
crescent pools

99 nights for the scenes of septu

99 binary gates or rays
99 nodes on the map of epicide
99 circuits from the colony of null


septu as primary
massive hallucinatory artefact


septu as secondary stimuli, surrealismepaths


septu in the bodies of toys
septu in the flora of dinner
septu in the partial lit hall
septu in tv
septu in crests and orifices
septu as witness to the lord tespu