tespu as wooden spoon

tespu as wooden spoon pecan nuts yellow strawberry yoghurt acid reflux one that dangles as fruit or lightbulb a bat in the attic cold as coffee on sunless winters a pocket watch found at the harbour none of the ships sailing to war face of baby fats lit by pulsing screen destination: earth current location : error current time/date: error ice of space embracing seed pod cryo sleep, cro-magnon sleep a face blacked out on I.D card a black passport issued in deep dream issued by shadow government tespu as wooden spoon untouched by tongue of infant or woman nipple … Continue reading tespu as wooden spoon

#copoftespu ii

mount of tespu dreams in cop cop wakes in basement cctv camera corner pieces of broken wall along solid walls. water pipes, tail end of ropes still knotted to hooks in the ceiling single candle burning then light at the eastern wall a hole in the wall a chair in the hole a young, blue / purple corpse in chair tender and upright long hair washed and clean slit around her throat neatly sewn and healed lips swen shut. head lolling on a broken neck. supple blue breasts. dead teen voice in head of cop “she is not one of … Continue reading #copoftespu ii


cop finally sleeps at the precinct. cop dreams on the mountain of tespu. in that dream, he is waking up at a precinct. trope: abandoned fare, flickering ceiling lights, paperwork swirling about as unseen wind interrogation door ajar, no lights inside a sound: rough sand spilling on concrete cop slowly pushes door open heat in station, climbs to open desert wind picks up light comes on woman in sack cloth, sitting at the table hooded, wrinkled, sunburnt, toothless she doesn’t use her mouth for speech lips thin, cracked, moisture-less. she projects a mental image./]]/\[]/ the cop sees: a black scorpion … Continue reading #copoftespu

m does not equal s

m does not equal s when sweets, sequinned on the dress & wrappers, wilting at the hemline is equal to the ages of both sisters. small be their hello kitty badminton racquets while big be their combined barks they yelp and whine and bend their bodies like cats on car or microwave heat they want to fuck you in drains but tespu didn’t bring the leash monkey does not equal to servitor when hairless, naked baby ape equals masturbation when girls come near to tespu m does not equal sense when sweets, sequinned on the dress is equal to the … Continue reading m does not equal s

day 30

Unsere Gesch√§ftsnr- TN 33/062. 01:59:56 monsierre,,, tespu, don, luciaproof fats in vats of bbw encalled, dsrptn 33/062 qon taliametrics don ‘fishnet stockings for #hentai bonus. malam* tespu, manjaculates op: asingbol protocol enplaced by bedstride of Leit Motif. disembull lam, tespu discarddoff hagia of nagas first then the ebb & jam of georg pool floatsam escagot-apricots flibbonacci of course there is awful coiled oily cock in pantyhose si si xi bots angelled & floomin’ deep throat in the e-den of tespu. of course there is end notes to Lore-gic the epimath virals of Kon the mount & morse code of estpu … Continue reading day 30

day 29

Alt.illicit histories re: singlitstation metauniverse acc to tespu #spwm17 #spwm17day29 #irvingpaulpereira spent the mrrning on factboid looking @ pi¬©tures of Joshua Ip we know we shouldn’t Not before the morphine Not bbefore McDonald’s hunt It’s not the way he left our bed dome three trances ago to devout his man organs & linguis lobe to that literary intelligence lode naming SPWOM It’s not the way he wiped out our sunsets from the folder root dir> tgthr It’s not the way he’s been ignoring the groin of our grammarian tree. It’s the way he looked at tespu & the song at … Continue reading day 29

day 28

serene half naked in&out of window legs dangling outside milky way thighs to the sky red light special with joss sticks behind her moon touched body a horizon of ships with blue flares a fire alarm cactus tespu, the cunntninglinguist aircrafts loaded with dangerous weapons the stars, gaze at the failures of our imagination of serene, dangling by the window the squaw and magic of her birds #irvingpaulpereira #spwm17 #spwm17day28 Continue reading day 28

day 27

Last few sounds to die within atmospheric memory grid; chik of a bic lighter, bubbling water, clink of spoon in glass, sizzle of steak on hotplate. irrelevant sound disturbs the vibration mongers; the ranaglas, the omanyacon, the sarrogheitus – legions drifting through the detritus, the energetic imprints remaining at common gathering space of humanoids; of bankers, bastards, bartenders, babies, etcetera. ranaglas absorption of layered emotions released at ragnarok sequencing – (quote) anger, violence, suicide of dark night soul clusters, collective experiences of war; congealing in the bubble matrix of zero gravity gunk, eaten like a wild animal = contentment omanyacon … Continue reading day 27