day 24

singia “Tespu dreams in the house of afrioca but seeds in the house of ihiir.” there’s a tide that flows through the hall lapping at the cabinet of crystals there’s a hole in the balcony wall overlooking the seaweed forest a bloated man that drifts in and out of light sunburnt feet rarely touching debris there’s fog in the stairwells a body in a chair, convulsing a body moved by something other than life or current old teachers, store managers, pale lipped children appear on various moons never a sound never fully visible like static flickering holograms like the death … Continue reading day 24

day 23

the yellow plastic horse appears shell shocked. i suspect it’s the rusty spring in its stomach, not in its step. its four limbs are above ground. i do not watch it vomit blood, the way my horse did in my other life. a life of fire and arrows and the corpse of a queen. you can play tic tac toe, by turning yellow cubes on a pole. one side is x, the other, zero. hugs and kisses. things explicitly missing from my current age in life. the way children are missing from this place. but it is midnight anyway. a … Continue reading day 23

day 22

The seven sacramental asingbol horns: crushed and consumed by Tespu. _ true crush: born of hindsight, from failure and not of faces. the unexcited butterflies in damaged pancreas now pinned on the wall as decor. first crush: sharp kitchen knife, dangling from fathers’ tie hung over chandelier pointing to bare chest, hardcover cookbook to avoid death. first crush: burning rope, lit by church candle. a young body in a suitcase at the bottom of a well, eaten by red ants in the isolated wild. first crush: fat goldfish caught in clothes peg pulled out of tank gasping for breath. an … Continue reading day 22

day 21

“cclaon deceives the mind. cclaon will unshape us she is the heavenly promise” – film from a black planet, by #irvingpaulpereira I unrecognised slices of time, thinly razed, impregnated. film: sentient crackling mess of form, mutated, unrecognised. figures: hooded, monologue wall, disrupting narration, arrhythmia of film. disembodied spirit of cast, returning, weeping in pipes in the house we shot at, fog toxins from burnt flesh pooling around fleeting figures. impregnated, the other faces of lost dolls emerge. II it is the film that awakens in me it is the film that ended their world I am reborn blind but can … Continue reading day 21

day 20

the trees of tespu on the fourth day of creation we were made one a seed, one of flesh in our saps, surrealisme while our common monad roams the fantasies of plumeria this is not the frangipani you know. we were made one to prophesy, the other to pillage there was both, the seer and the lecher deep in the cunt and womb of our mother. we were made one hunted for by magii, the other a predator on the hunt. the body as tree of tespu contains the formula for sex crimes the fruit of thy womb of tespu … Continue reading day 20

Day 19 – O M A N Y A C O N

O M A N Y A C O N our feet never touch land neither are our lungs full of water the sky is our ocean enough we are not airborne as much as we’re astral we belong to the legion of dreams you may encounter us as whales, suspended in zero gravity seemingly lifeless, like driftwood and debris we are ghost countries in atmospheric clusters of light we are a spirit animal to nostalgia we are future lived, opiates as orbits to invoke us is to spend time by the river ga to watch the sediments of our sorrows, … Continue reading Day 19 – O M A N Y A C O N

day 18

A letter from The Lord to dear tespu. _ dearest Tespu it is your Lord who speaks, long live tobacco venom sultry leaves the pubis roots of lost youth the star of our animi long hall be the x of noom thorax throat of afrioca black wing’d nest of The Room long haul to our serpent route the eagle oiled child of yore blessed be her nakedness sweet spoils of her spores long live the art of your dying and your rising again for what was once fiction enters the cave and that which emergent, is a god. _ #noprompt … Continue reading day 18

day 17

36. “Orch/ard road is my spirit animal.” _ Departure point, airport. space of overnight contemplation, flights of fantasy my soul, touching the web of the world. Expressway cruising, hypnotic, sea on one side. Half dose trance, transience, timelessness, movement, progress. marine parade road, ex-shoreline, world war battlefront park path to the old siglap clinic family doctor friend who died in his sleep mandarin gardens / neptune court narcotic twilight worlds, stallions, wedding suits, the witch who won’t give me her name. marine terrace and the weeping professor a decade of unrequited longing market of blouses for wheelchair bound mother tao … Continue reading day 17

day 16

easternia: a yellow clock road without hands, in a castle from a t.v cartoon. long blonde hair and a shield used to view passing easteroids. easterix: dominatrix who enjoy sun baths and electric chair. soon to be mother lode .often in a bunny suit carrying the sword of easternia. eastertia: a morning seed, eaten. to stare at the sun for two minutes. to walk, barefoot between lands in order to reach the great easterix. easteroids: pieces of furniture from a castle falling from space.a temple containing the muscle memory of martyrs. pebbles skipped on river. #spwm17 #spwm17day16 #irvingpaulpereira #formbonus #udaitaathathu … Continue reading day 16

day 15

profounding the not found – Tespu leads you to the mouthern gape typically darkness and stalactite daggers but tonight- velvet fog, cobwebs, luna pines. there are baby snails in strange circe formations slices of eternities cascading in flouro jars masculine turmoil in sissy garments erosion planes, mineralsatians, forged heads of fantomas. Tespu leads you to cleaver fields, oscillating mangrove weapons, softslots, squiggly uranium baths. You want none of these finite things. You’re looking for something tespu cannot cope with. You part ways to wander alone in monochrome in Excelsis Deo. Blind sentient rings project nest forms and nubile nano-neophytes Those, … Continue reading day 15