21     altered by various nose sprays uncomfortable vapour in head     tespu rearranges chairs in the interview roommates who sleep     “what is the cause of your downfall?” oraa asks     tespu kiss licks various chargrilling pots sneezing like infant     “i am afraid for the octopuses, so I staycation.”     “and of the eight widowed room, why the colour?”     “river sinks into it indefinitely, despite the mad drought.”     there is rain from the nose cones of tespu     tears of latina lady bois fertile seeds of tespu … Continue reading 21


Is there a dog god? manna dripping from tongue? monumental barking in the sky echoing for seven nights? does it urinate daily on the tree of life? primal growling at devil human kind, eating the wicked? will it grant the hand that feeds, eternal life? I know I am friend with great dog god we go for nightly play walks in burning Gehenna we gather the lost, let them rest on fur we stay up all night, guarding this blue mansion #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 20


19 ait the magnificient sand deficient in cluster of bones ait the wondering octafaced in the face of kronos ait the fantasion spectral lubricator limbs for red beds ait the focalist ultraviolet spidering sight eliminating weeping track ait the gashopon mistaken toy tablet to be swallowed ait the sonosphere alterer frequencies of the fifth kind ait the deliverer sodium laced sword of fauster night ait the spendrone coursing above fragile memory cloud bursts ait the don confissioner merging cross dimensional sade slordes #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 19


18     such and such o-clock day of something or other   six nine two.pm text to voice recording archived footage   what is seventeen orion twenty ? blue torsos chameleon cryptogram   late morning re-codings as heard across the traffic jam   need to know where to go for longer night   need to know innards of folk river running bright   rupert grapefruit, grasshopper monger stealing cheese from time pods   mortar opening and closing fun wounds mecha orifice’d fembot   such and such a mushroom cloud spore feeding mother   #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 18


17 wall seventeen semen, graffiti, fresh bullet wounds bleeding concrete moss crown cracks gaping like mouths alienated tongue babble wall stretching north to bloated sun heat wave dancing wall bowing down to predator moon dogs, wolves, howling behold a confused astronaut shell abandoned oxygen tanks, emptied behold the singular hut doors and windows nailed shut behold the monstrous desert piano notes floating on wind behold cyborgian skulls chattering at the foot of bricks color fields, unmarked graves Tespu clones singing for supper   #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 17


Tespu cones on sale by Tespu clones in domes Herbecca buys one for each severe active state stated- In the north for voluptuous skin tight fever sadness for Ijonn, midnight mattress frolicking, sometimes in obscure pain for oldens seated gently feeding non birds schema seedlings for sleep talking madre, drawers full of lost animals for early warning agent white soap bubbling on face Herbecca groaning with train Herbecca counting her inside children athousand Tespus in small Ziplock bags sold to addicts   #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 16


15 woman of fire straddles the man who bear swords woman of water drained by impending truth stroking salamanders painted sword man fingers in eyes his childrens’ fire red emperor woman riding the great knight exchanging elements avert tower avert dark thought death avert pattern chain risen to confront luna sun to peak between terrors sun that symbolises the egg sun of flourishing gardens staff shield chalice and blade upon the screaming altar arm and poise and aim and strike and conquer #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 15


leaves, shapefully scattered before monolith fridge contacting the future hybrid meat shivering in ice hybrid clothes seeking bodhi roots, tastefully arranged under washing machines undressing shivering clothes infant future in this vague headache infrought future, translucentning they hold your hand which is a fake implement Where’s the coffee? Where’s the confetti? Where’s the coitus? In the handsome garden by the holy degenerate hall In the attic of Tespurus in the headless boxes In the future fridge fruit compartment soaked in abbotblood #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 14


13     this is our moment red wine and thunder storm     lightning licking sides of playground plastic horses shell shocked     I would crawl on her like a blvck insect     hunt together as beasts hungry for wet Chinese figurines     we kiss fire practice ways to stop the bleeding     we eat ash breathe smoke from broken molten homes     two of us endangered poetry scarred, sad and saccharine     mad temples of pain fucking in our naked heads     mad temper of rain hiding from our violent skin Continue reading 13


12 madre sees the old woman follow long haired boy strangers swing from sleep to sleep resting with madre I’m on the floor head deep in smoky wires at some stage I emerge from hole in road at some point I am a red circular light madre sinks into bed i rise from the floor she emerges on stairwell I’m a white circular disc madre on a blue platform with a pink woman Inside madre arms of galaxy turning repositioning ear crystals #irvingpaulpereira #99tespus Continue reading 12