tespus friend chicken

Tespu sucking feet of chicken nibbling breast meat of chicken not into wings but thigh of chicken Thai chicken tie chicken B.D.S.M chicken Big Drum Stick Marinated chickens Cluck of tespu Puck of tespu Cock of tespu Chick of tespu Tespu Kill Friend Chicken Kin. Family. Chicken Karaage Friend Chicken K K K fucking chickens white not golden white not brown white not black ginseng chicken Tespus Friend Chicken Crossing road with Chicken Running headless with chicken Trying to fly with chicken Giving flour to chicken Massaging oil on chicken Finger, licking, chicken. Advertisements Continue reading tespus friend chicken


white noise in my right hand it touches the three nights of stations past when we left the spherical place, the forest of innards white noise in the hole of palm shaping dire absence defining silence maybe we leave behind the child-women the painted faces, the lurid sex in cabin with luna now, we are rain bound from night coach turning unto runway,  unto airfields of departure consciousness madre-complex is with us like feeble aura in us like dendrites, like comatose we are vacuums in a tunnel in a pipe dream vehicle we are moving in sideway buildings on wheels … Continue reading coordinates

collapse in the room of spheres and circles

  “I find solace in the body of tespu I take him in the train ass high like native morphia his mouth is full of Luna his head is full of girls from Ho “   __   what is this madre-complex? voice, trickling in from remote medical centers   I’m in the upper cylinder room waiting for the train that runs past the forest of stomachs into darkness into that other third world   i’m in the circular room cutting off ties with drug dealers studying the splatter map of cup cakes destroyed by domestic violence   i’m in … Continue reading collapse in the room of spheres and circles

ttespus – young convent girls

musique concrete spoken word manipulation  electronics (ttespus is heard stirring his beverage) while reminiscing: “young convent girls as peacocks young convent girls as vultures young convent girls as eagles young convent girls as little penguins young convent girls on boats young convent girls on taxis?trees?trains? (inaudible/incoherent) busses etcetera etcetera.” (ttespus is heard burping, then shuffling his feet) Continue reading ttespus – young convent girls

the failing mall

  I’ve become a cesspool of house husbands wielding a mop of fresh hair scouring elegant bodies for breastmilk   mah children have outgrown their petri dishes so like sulking pigs, i put them to roast in Sahara gardens   mongrel merchants disappoint me with the shells of empty basement wives their platelets veering wildly off course their skin ruined by rope marks   I’ve become a gene pool of false servants wallowing before weakling walls discontent with counting sheep   where do I find proper pain killers where do i score olivia’s oil? where do I find properly wrapped … Continue reading the failing mall


I know there was a time, nights ago, when black technological boxes were hooked or attached to my chest, accessing my life via heart and veins and neural networks in my lungs. I know I was turning the pages, reaching the end, coming closer to final command line. I know I was in the small white room with the modern window, then the floor to ceiling window with the poles where poster sized pictures of humans were wrapped then unfurled like flag fronts of famous people. I know the shop is now empty, that another night has passed. There’s a … Continue reading script


I’m moonlit consciousness, wandering in from desert brightness to the drained colours of night. Heat, like a lost phantom, is dispersed and distanced. Though i do not sense or see him, the man has come before me to raise this city again. There is still no power here. I’m slow swirling down vertigo stairwells. I know i’ve been here before, past empty apartment shells, echoes of lives fading through vents and gaping windows. There is furniture, stacked like complex puzzles outside doorless frames, ever damp clothes hang bodiless next to boxes of failed ephemera, blood and meaning sucked from limp … Continue reading Merlis