27 padre eyes screwed shut face off with prayer book balloon woman contemplating moving images spikes in her knee blinded one yet to taste pineapples missing two toes a star god in luna realm astral narrative imminent follow madre who is a small doll out shopping madre lying under blue circle madre under dining spore which of these amulets are real? one from wood another, alien artefact disappearing in palm of shop woman old food destroyed by boss fresh food glowing purple #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Advertisements Continue reading 27


26   overdosing sleeplessness at red banana inn texts evolving grandmass? nicotine absence atrocity burgeoning fluid talking or chronic desolence blue wire fission you brown wire breaks light ceiling light weax light crons light nn’gn’ rain arrival window birds helter must find shelter bird hatter hologram feather dust from under utilised organs dust from das count hinge of heart unhinged binge on heart not fault cozy and worm mule tide fireplace inferno regimen fierce’d patch of opiod patch of syndroid patch of systema #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 26

The diaper darling of monsierre tespu (in honor of Kok Wei Liang)

Tonight Many Tespus are sending out distress signals from satellites in his soul garden where he makes me think of sizzling meat on a hot plate   it’s difficult to follow the pulse of tespu   sometimes it feels weak and far away sometimes it throbs in my groin flashing me pictures of naked barbie dolls tied up and suspended with fishing string   this time his signal feels infantile. he seems to be craving milk bottles, soft baby flesh fresh from the ovens, adult diapers full of little mermaids wriggling like tiny fish served with green coconut rice and … Continue reading The diaper darling of monsierre tespu (in honor of Kok Wei Liang)


25 I’m worm on a hook in your fish mouth I’m glow snow on slippery streets easters and winters between lake houses and ocean founts i’m quicksand seconds between page six and two we consume word salad I’m a bicycle chain for your wet bondage fantasy i’m no mans land nomads land endless activated charcoal I’m fish in a universe, billions of days old I’m after snow, bermudas, sun,  tanning lotion, iced tea I’m control, alternate, deleter. Sent out to violent climates #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 25


red earbuds descendent of deaf blood translator of voices streaming in from manic bus lanes swerving avoiding strays red earbuds seeder of disruptive sexual soundtracks on repeat red earbuds like a hand with rose thorns outstretched planting same sex holes in your delicate fibonacci garden your organs crave fresh wunderkinds your organs crave food feed off my cholesterol feed off my sugar high red earbuds repurposing the world inside coping with disasters red earbuds alchemical transformation of ear wax into talismans #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 24


23 after the channels had opened after the final event cavern in head deepens shemale shadow emerging with exhaustion precious cyclical time is wasted in the clutter room this is silent corridor this is creaking white bed the even more place will not permit blue computers shemale returns to the kitten shemale crawling on bed erotic coloured wires sluggish signals bag of unused lubricant shemale sitting naked under hot rain shemale perfectly rested room 207 will keep all the black site secrets #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 23


soundscapes/words: Irving Paul Pereira video by: Jared Ho video: https://youtu.be/WgT_D3ODtEw _____   the people will not remember the last time they saw the morning the people will not remember being taken from this earth not everyone will be chosen in the final hour   6.92 am   The entire city is abandoned Trains, running, with no one inside cars, stalled, with doors open wide flags, crumbling to dust blinding lights in the sky   All the houses are abandoned ceiling lights, freezers, aircon, down dishes unwashed , TV on open packets of food on dining tables turning into ice lifts, stopping on every … Continue reading PROPHECENE


22 we weep fragments of the final scene with tespu curled into a ball at the foot of wall “i came from dumbfounded images, to them i return.” there is sun, there is jaundice and oversimplified lines we weep because tespu is weak is losing bodymass ounces of air in his lungs disappearing, eyes milky his body, the remains of octopi, loose translucent skin evidence of spiders fleeing the scene of his cesarian we weep wantonly but his spirit will become wondrous #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 22


21     altered by various nose sprays uncomfortable vapour in head     tespu rearranges chairs in the interview roommates who sleep     “what is the cause of your downfall?” oraa asks     tespu kiss licks various chargrilling pots sneezing like infant     “i am afraid for the octopuses, so I staycation.”     “and of the eight widowed room, why the colour?”     “river sinks into it indefinitely, despite the mad drought.”     there is rain from the nose cones of tespu     tears of latina lady bois fertile seeds of tespu … Continue reading 21


Is there a dog god? manna dripping from tongue? monumental barking in the sky echoing for seven nights? does it urinate daily on the tree of life? primal growling at devil human kind, eating the wicked? will it grant the hand that feeds, eternal life? I know I am friend with great dog god we go for nightly play walks in burning Gehenna we gather the lost, let them rest on fur we stay up all night, guarding this blue mansion #99tespus #irvingpaulpereira Continue reading 20