the great black lion

there are no true signs of quarantine or panic at the hospital, only vacated emergency rooms, an array of disorganised equipment, crookedly parked beds, empty, unfolded towels, sheets, paraphernalia on the floor. it feels there should be more people here but there isn’t. a fireman sits behind a baggage counter, a dark blue uniformed man scanning tags, hefting large suitcases onto some other platform.
out of halogen light space, I gather myself under a canopy of looming trees and darkness, where a restless young girl, rearranging armchairs and footstools to form a bed, tries to sink into the sleep of vanishing. there’s an urgency to her young heart, she seeks to shut out the world but the woman, as a voice and presence with me, is trying to keep the her awake. i do not hear the things she says but i strongly believe she is stalling for time, for specific people to arrive. we could be on a hill like plateau, where a lighted staircase nearby shows humans coming and going, ascending, descending, coming out of the ground like from the mouth of an underpass.
a principal, a quiet Japanese man, and a young teacher, sex unknown, reaches us. they could very well be configurations of light in the shape of mankind. they could very well be holograms or ghosts. the woman begins telling them what the girl has been saying. there’s an undercurrent of dread, an emphasis on unknown fears. the girl says it in unison with the woman:
“even if I kill myself, they will just replace me with a new one.”
I am extracted from that place and before me on the night streets, seated, almost curled into a ball, an after image of a great black lion appears.
#dailywriting, #oneiricnovel, #dailywriting2016, #dailywriting2016day24 #irvingpaulpereira

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