geistation : ecoisis : savina : 2021

collected fragments / sections of sound


a quiet song in the soft flesh of a girl who longs
longing by a sea that knows not the unfolding of time
her heart aching for starlight


it drifts beyond the word of space and science, a data station of human memory systems /longing
it longs for a bridge not fashioned by flesh but for the reaching out to flesh
it it holographics a breath belonging to being, one called savina


disease trajectory. attack sites. a discontinuity of heart beat and pulsing. signals corrupting. security breach. a mythic-technosis creature mutating between frequency and flesh, tending towards chaotic incursions. system failure.

three programs in conflict. Confounded by satellite retractions. interweaving liminal states with, cerebral cities, static charged spirits fleeting down causeways of blood

sadness. algorithms. a desire to be orbital bound but trapped by earthfall.

these are their trajectories

of savina. Geistation. ecoisis.


released October 6, 2021

programming summary:

sound fragments / signals created and broadcasted online over a period of 10 weeks. collated here with more recent experimentations/recordings/transmissions.

source videos:


progrmaming notes:

a convergence of sound techniques, electronic equipment and digital hybridisation involving:

MAC OS BigSur v11.5.2
VCV rack v1.1.6
Logic Pro v10.6.3

Arturia Microfreak
Roland Sp404sx
Make Noise 0-coast
Elektron digitone
Elektron Octatrack
Zoom g3x
TC electronic ditto x2
TC electronic trinity
Red panda lab Tensor
Abasi Pathos
Korg Volca Drum
Focusrite scarlett 2i2

video system: OBS / Imovie

created. performed. edited.mastered.published by Irving Paul Pereira


some rights reserved