12 madre sees the old woman follow long haired boy strangers swing from sleep to sleep resting with madre I’m on the floor head deep in smoky wires at some stage I emerge from hole in road at some point I am a red circular light madre sinks into bed i rise from the floor she emerges on stairwell I’m a white circular disc madre on a blue platform with a pink woman Inside madre arms of galaxy turning repositioning ear crystals #irvingpaulpereira #99tespus Continue reading 12

Fuck art. Dress up. Swipe right. Jerk off. Write. #manifestoQ1_2017

since this is the only piece produced so far this year, and since we’ve gone all fuck art, consider this a placement sigil, a holding cell, collecting datum for future endeavours, maybe. since this is also tech, and spacefaring, let it be stargate and portal, a translator of powers coming through to our forms; where for now, we are no longer makers of visual art but art forms, living, visibly. Continue reading Fuck art. Dress up. Swipe right. Jerk off. Write. #manifestoQ1_2017