99 Tespus sitting on a wall for 
99 nights
9 words/stanza
9 stanzas
99 poems
99 days



creatures again
off radar
retreat to steeple


predators scourging highways
stalking, dangling from
shadow heaven wound


modify armoured vehicles
attach swivel chairs
to side mirrors


battalions disappearing
in the early nights of the invasion


useless warcrafts
failed ammo
blind flame throwing
pointless bomb


by lightningael ov
electrol Yahweh
currents crackle in bloodpaths


central nervous system
fire pulselight from sweating palms


techno bodies aimed at fleeting targets
outburst electromagnetic force


the more invaders we destroy
the more becomes unknown


#99tespu #irvingpaulpereira


is tespu is

try to defy tespu
try to deny tespu
try to define tespu


Is Tespu
construct or consciousness?
illness or illumination?
nurtured or neutered ?
nuclear or unclear?


There’s an octopus on the face of Tespu
eight-tentacled tongue of tespu
black hole mouth of tespu
eating word salad boats of  tespu
spewing hot glossolalia of tespu
tasting cunt and cadence of Tespu
bent spoons cooking canon of Tespu


smoke the brittle hair of tespu
tap into the vein of tespu
snort the special sand of tespu


drift into the neon fog of tespu


as the first light
in the last hall
at the end of the tunnel


as embryo-epilogues in jars
in test tubes and jello molds and
smoky cyanide bars


Tespu in the dreams of clarion sex workers
Tespu in the dreams of psychopomp healers
Tespu in the dreams of insect gardens
Tespu in the dreams of cesspool fools



smell the strange ciphers in the dark of tespu
touch the glowing eggs on the fourth wall of tespu
drowsy manifestos making poets for tespu
ancient astronauts writing tomes for tespu


Tespu as
specimens bubbling up from pages
plastered to skeletal doors of tespu
spilling out of space suits  of tespu
in wooden huts on the moons of tespu
In radiant rabbit holes of tespu


Tespu as
G spot of dada
Sun spot of Dali
A cheap naked lunch from outer space
William Burroughs pacing with gun of tespu
Andre Breton meeting Nadja with tespu
Antonin Artaud holding slipper of Tespu
Lovecraft drinking blood of tespu


Black garbage bags full of soap for tespu
Red flowers floating  in the tub of tespu
Ring gags dripping with the dribble of tespu
lost and luminous in the libraries of tespu

Madre of tespu groaning on opiates
Fadre crying over blue tongued dog
children playing in acid rains of tespu
naked poets playing with knives on tespu


Tespu is a feeling in the forest Tespu
Tespu is the sandstorm in the pyramids of Tespu
Tespu is a coven in the sabbat of tespu


Try to decide on Tespu
Try to deicide tespu
Try to dispose of Tespu
Try to deep dream of Tespu




unremarkable note from Tespu to TesTu: reads –


Tespu switches to
red cigarettes
a defiant smoking
mesh with mars

“burning chef”
TesTu says
“is stumbling out of
hamburger sections.”

Tespu knows TesTu is not yet known

there is then a soya bean man who
“deserves to choke on a straw” for not giving old madre a seat on the shuttle

/tespu almost jokes with bald nurse about heroin filled drinking straws for madre/

somewhere, strawberry man and his sirens are reading lost texts of TesTu

TesTu on a boat to Ubud
TesTu to bed an oboe
TesTu on a boar to igloo
TesTu to bed an oblong

Red cigarettes to smoke out Tespu
Hamburgers to lure out TesTu

What did Tespu eat to warrant this pantun?
this is not a pantun Testu says.
Why is Tespu housing baby scones?

one for the fat sister
one for the blind sister

tespus friend chicken

Tespu sucking feet of chicken
nibbling breast meat of chicken
not into wings but
thigh of chicken
Thai chicken
tie chicken
B.D.S.M chicken
Marinated chickens

Cluck of tespu
Puck of tespu
Cock of tespu
Chick of tespu

Kill Friend Chicken
Kin. Family. Chicken
Karaage Friend Chicken
K K K fucking chickens
white not golden
white not brown
white not black ginseng chicken

Tespus Friend Chicken
Crossing road with Chicken
Running headless with chicken
Trying to fly with chicken
Giving flour to chicken
Massaging oil on chicken
Finger, licking, chicken.

tespu as wooden spoon

tespu as wooden spoon
pecan nuts
yellow strawberry yoghurt acid reflux
one that dangles as fruit or lightbulb
a bat in the attic

cold as coffee on sunless winters
a pocket watch found at the harbour
none of the ships sailing to war

face of baby fats lit by pulsing screen
destination: earth
current location : error
current time/date: error
ice of space embracing seed pod
cryo sleep, cro-magnon sleep
a face blacked out on I.D card
a black passport
issued in deep dream
issued by shadow government

tespu as wooden spoon
untouched by tongue of infant
or woman nipple discharge

tespu as wooden spoon
impossible to cook heroin in
for the bark, bite and basements are nothing but burnt trees
crawling out of molten tespu
mistaken for yellow yoghurt, acid reflux, sunless winters.

#copoftespu ii

mount of tespu dreams in cop
cop wakes in basement
cctv camera corner
pieces of broken wall along solid walls.
water pipes, tail end of ropes still knotted to hooks in the ceiling

single candle burning

then light at the eastern wall
a hole in the wall
a chair in the hole
a young, blue / purple corpse in chair
tender and upright
long hair washed and clean
slit around her throat neatly sewn and healed
lips swen shut.
head lolling on a broken neck.
supple blue breasts.

dead teen voice in head of cop

“she is not one of G’RgH/s.
she is of night society.”

cop sees island in moonless head
nothing on island man made
several fresh graves.

cop asks body, “what is night society?”
body in head of cop says nothing.



time cycles
dead ends
zero witnesses
victim of mother to psychiatric

time cycles
like a sickened ray
wearing out the power
blue bound body beauty
creeping under skin of partner
partner locked intime cycles
wasting away on blank pages
other missing teen not found
mother sent to psychiatric

time cycles, fucking with our heads.

the two special agents have gone cold case on the girls.
my urge to vomit finally stopped today, the way the clock in the room, stopped.

maybe the second vic has died.

my partner has been forced to take leave. psychiatry will be busy.
she hasn’t spoken to me since i asked about night society, but i know she is here,
silent, beheading, behind me, above me, on the bed beside me.
i cannot see her but i can feel her,
especially the coldness,
the lack of breath on my neck
the warmth of her wrath in my gut.

i feel an urge to create a narrative for her.
here, in the dark, cigarettes and rain.
I feel an urge to crown her queen
head lolling broken neck
tape wrap gagged
sand in throat tunnel
body, yearning for a resting place.
i think of the island. the burial place.
“The forests of tespu,”
her voice.
there then gone.
i’m searching blind
mind thrown out into nocturne
grasping in the dark
her voice

time cycles
keeping us from sleep.

we drive out there in the night, in the rain, to her fathers house.
she’s an ice cold presence, a wind not moving, lightning in the distance with no thunder
sitting within me, near the heart, a guide to our destinations. something tells me this is night society.
something tells me the sisters of tespu have woken.
we drive out in the rain, smoking cigarettes, moving in time cycles.



m does not equal s

m does not equal s
when sweets, sequinned on the dress
& wrappers, wilting at the hemline
is equal to the ages of both sisters.

small be their hello kitty
badminton racquets while
big be their combined barks

they yelp and whine and bend their bodies
like cats on car or microwave heat

they want to fuck you in drains but
tespu didn’t bring the leash

monkey does not equal to servitor
when hairless, naked baby ape equals masturbation
when girls come near to tespu

m does not equal sense
when sweets, sequinned on the dress
is equal to the body of a teenage girl on the beach
stomach tattooed with the scorpion of tespu.