99 Tespus sitting on a wall for  99 nights 9 words/stanza 9 stanzas 99 poems 99 days #99tespus 01 invisible creatures again off radar terribles retreat to steeple   predators scourging highways stalking, dangling from shadow heaven wound   modify armoured vehicles attach swivel chairs to side mirrors   battalions disappearing in the early nights of the invasion   useless warcrafts failed ammo blind flame throwing pointless bomb   by lightningael ov electrol Yahweh currents crackle in bloodpaths   central nervous system W E A P O N I S E D fire pulselight from sweating palms   techno bodies … Continue reading 01

is tespu is

try to defy tespu try to deny tespu try to define tespu   Is Tespu construct or consciousness? illness or illumination? nurtured or neutered ? nuclear or unclear?   There’s an octopus on the face of Tespu eight-tentacled tongue of tespu black hole mouth of tespu eating word salad boats of  tespu spewing hot glossolalia of tespu tasting cunt and cadence of Tespu bent spoons cooking canon of Tespu   smoke the brittle hair of tespu tap into the vein of tespu snort the special sand of tespu   relax de-mutate drift into the neon fog of tespu   see … Continue reading is tespu is

unremarkable note from Tespu to TesTu: reads –

  Tespu switches to red cigarettes a defiant smoking mesh with mars “burning chef” TesTu says “is stumbling out of hamburger sections.” Tespu knows TesTu is not yet known there is then a soya bean man who “deserves to choke on a straw” for not giving old madre a seat on the shuttle /tespu almost jokes with bald nurse about heroin filled drinking straws for madre/ somewhere, strawberry man and his sirens are reading lost texts of TesTu TesTu on a boat to Ubud TesTu to bed an oboe TesTu on a boar to igloo TesTu to bed an oblong … Continue reading unremarkable note from Tespu to TesTu: reads –

tespus friend chicken

Tespu sucking feet of chicken nibbling breast meat of chicken not into wings but thigh of chicken Thai chicken tie chicken B.D.S.M chicken Big Drum Stick Marinated chickens Cluck of tespu Puck of tespu Cock of tespu Chick of tespu Tespu Kill Friend Chicken Kin. Family. Chicken Karaage Friend Chicken K K K fucking chickens white not golden white not brown white not black ginseng chicken Tespus Friend Chicken Crossing road with Chicken Running headless with chicken Trying to fly with chicken Giving flour to chicken Massaging oil on chicken Finger, licking, chicken. Continue reading tespus friend chicken

tespu as wooden spoon

tespu as wooden spoon pecan nuts yellow strawberry yoghurt acid reflux one that dangles as fruit or lightbulb a bat in the attic cold as coffee on sunless winters a pocket watch found at the harbour none of the ships sailing to war face of baby fats lit by pulsing screen destination: earth current location : error current time/date: error ice of space embracing seed pod cryo sleep, cro-magnon sleep a face blacked out on I.D card a black passport issued in deep dream issued by shadow government tespu as wooden spoon untouched by tongue of infant or woman nipple … Continue reading tespu as wooden spoon

#copoftespu ii

mount of tespu dreams in cop cop wakes in basement cctv camera corner pieces of broken wall along solid walls. water pipes, tail end of ropes still knotted to hooks in the ceiling single candle burning then light at the eastern wall a hole in the wall a chair in the hole a young, blue / purple corpse in chair tender and upright long hair washed and clean slit around her throat neatly sewn and healed lips swen shut. head lolling on a broken neck. supple blue breasts. dead teen voice in head of cop “she is not one of … Continue reading #copoftespu ii

m does not equal s

m does not equal s when sweets, sequinned on the dress & wrappers, wilting at the hemline is equal to the ages of both sisters. small be their hello kitty badminton racquets while big be their combined barks they yelp and whine and bend their bodies like cats on car or microwave heat they want to fuck you in drains but tespu didn’t bring the leash monkey does not equal to servitor when hairless, naked baby ape equals masturbation when girls come near to tespu m does not equal sense when sweets, sequinned on the dress is equal to the … Continue reading m does not equal s