#copoftespu ii

mount of tespu dreams in cop cop wakes in basement cctv camera corner pieces of broken wall along solid walls. water pipes, tail end of ropes still knotted to hooks in the ceiling single candle burning then light at the eastern wall a hole in the wall a chair in the hole a young, blue / purple corpse in chair tender and upright long hair washed and clean slit around her throat neatly sewn and healed lips swen shut. head lolling on a broken neck. supple blue breasts. dead teen voice in head of cop “she is not one of … Continue reading #copoftespu ii


cop finally sleeps at the precinct. cop dreams on the mountain of tespu. in that dream, he is waking up at a precinct. trope: abandoned fare, flickering ceiling lights, paperwork swirling about as unseen wind interrogation door ajar, no lights inside a sound: rough sand spilling on concrete cop slowly pushes door open heat in station, climbs to open desert wind picks up light comes on woman in sack cloth, sitting at the table hooded, wrinkled, sunburnt, toothless she doesn’t use her mouth for speech lips thin, cracked, moisture-less. she projects a mental image./]]/\[]/ the cop sees: a black scorpion … Continue reading #copoftespu