bulging behind desk
delaying time questionnaires

there’s a man in my phone
calling from artery

“your phone is working well.”
pay forty two fifty

fat psychotherapadre is resisting
he wants to fuck me

“next session, i promise.”
gentle family man smile nod

backseat of psychotherapa car
his secretary kneels with me

she is wiping rear windowpane
with a sexualised garment

she promises me, “your phone borders are working fine.”

i don’t know who drives me home in limousine

#99tespus #irvingpaulpereira



‘we’ are called ‘moon time’
investigating loss of tespu

fruit piece
bus stand
boiling water
central cake

‘wonderfirst bride’
wet clay and rash on youth lips

‘surge’, the star searcher
multiple heads in multiple sky

scared ‘Diama’
fuckbait of protomind
lover of ligature literature

‘quarter past six’
hider led and knower

I am ‘Somar’
starver upon poignant lands
loyal sentinel

we emerge in perpetual blue evening
military industrial complex

snow rain ruined
evidence and blood signs of tespu

#irvingpaulpereira #99tespus





plop plop returns as tespus green jello medicine pet


plop plop is the blob’s way to the future


plop plop is pretty magazine cut outs stuck together


plop plop is raining the fish on veal day


plop plop is nine articulate midgets armed with chopsticks


plop plop is a pop up on porn hub


plop plop is paranormal gum on vestments of nun


plop plop is ancient stimuli, worshipped from outer space


plop plop, the fleshy pyramid, psychopomp for strange kings


#99tespus #irvingpaulpereira


theme song of plop plop




een, the short
green man
has turned away

hordes of women
unable to escape
low gothic television

in cluttered hall
confused uncle
straightens his white shirt

grieving woman dancing
grieving woman dazed
given flaming sword

there is lightning in the vortex
possessions, forced loss

there are moving gravity wells
people vanishing without trace

streets are full of vague fog and disco lights

the woman has run away with the man’s money

the magician moves with the central node of chaos

#99tespus #irvingpaulpereira


hold on Tespu
as your arm
turns concrete grey


as your skin
changes opacity
making clear your veins


poison of opon
vanishes you
turning organs to pianos


after cigarette
your first body boards
the overnight bus


during winter
your second body
is found in forest


opon will pose you
like a great butoh god


your third body borrows
the spidral form of opon


whore streets
more void than black
wails your name


Opon, chosen bringer
your horse headed ride to


#99tespus #irvingpaulpereira




clone of pine tree
clone of afternoon
birdless, windless


twin women in hall
pink noise and savage angel


twin women on sofa
one has cut her hair


twin women under sheets
one of them is pregnant


clone of women
clone of orifice
one per limb


the hall is a tower
nadir blinded by sunlight


clone of sun
clone of milky way
rainless, starless


twin women in bedroom
one stands
one sits


eight cloned women
trance like, circling
slowly touching furniture


#99tespus #irvingpaulpereira



I am food
for Tespu’s God
floating on ponds

I am dunes
for Tespu’s desert
full of mirages

tight little thongs
for the sex kittens of tespu

sweet sacrament smoke
for the shaman minds of tespu

square opioid patch
for the scarlet pain of tespu

dream of strangers
in the night zone of tespu

score of drones
for the fever films of tespu

broken black nails
on the chalkboard screech of tespu

clarion trumpet blast
for the final war for tespu


#99tespus #irvingpaulpereira




the family party
or wedding
or holiday in sepia

we share a nostalgic street
various formations of aunties

sister must trigger
a bomb from a cell phone

turning church of white glass
to orange mushroom cloud

the phone cannot connect
there is a street parade

through evening lit house
madre and aunties are ghosts

through upstairs cot room
running dog and cake scents

the bomb won’t trigger
open batt case, check phone

the phone is armed
the phone is the bomb


#99tespus #irvingpaulpereira



X is the distance
to tespu regardless of Y

three be the ecstasy of tespu
disregarding the five

five nights to weave tespu
into leopard skin wall

veil of gold
strangling tespu
in the silver carpark

flash fire near
the trash bin pillar of tespu

Amelia blue in the
nuclear clock heart of tespu

there’s salvation for tespu
a warm muzzle for tespu

a kennel each
for the dog brides of tespu

a warm tub each
for the octopis of tespu

#99tespus #irvingpaulpereira


99 Tespus sitting on a wall for 
99 nights
9 words/stanza
9 stanzas
99 poems
99 days



creatures again
off radar
retreat to steeple


predators scourging highways
stalking, dangling from
shadow heaven wound


modify armoured vehicles
attach swivel chairs
to side mirrors


battalions disappearing
in the early nights of the invasion


useless warcrafts
failed ammo
blind flame throwing
pointless bomb


by lightningael ov
electrol Yahweh
currents crackle in bloodpaths


central nervous system
fire pulselight from sweating palms


techno bodies aimed at fleeting targets
outburst electromagnetic force


the more invaders we destroy
the more becomes unknown


#99tespu #irvingpaulpereira