tespu as wooden spoon

tespu as wooden spoon
pecan nuts
yellow strawberry yoghurt acid reflux
one that dangles as fruit or lightbulb
a bat in the attic

cold as coffee on sunless winters
a pocket watch found at the harbour
none of the ships sailing to war

face of baby fats lit by pulsing screen
destination: earth
current location : error
current time/date: error
ice of space embracing seed pod
cryo sleep, cro-magnon sleep
a face blacked out on I.D card
a black passport
issued in deep dream
issued by shadow government

tespu as wooden spoon
untouched by tongue of infant
or woman nipple discharge

tespu as wooden spoon
impossible to cook heroin in
for the bark, bite and basements are nothing but burnt trees
crawling out of molten tespu
mistaken for yellow yoghurt, acid reflux, sunless winters.


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