day 30

Unsere Geschäftsnr- TN 33/062. 01:59:56

tespu, don, luciaproof
fats in vats of bbw
encalled, dsrptn

33/062 qon
don ‘fishnet stockings for #hentai bonus.

malam* tespu, manjaculates
op: asingbol protocol
enplaced by bedstride of
Leit Motif.

disembull lam, tespu
hagia of nagas


then the
ebb & jam of georg pool

of course there is awful
coiled oily cock in pantyhose
si si xi bots
angelled & floomin’
deep throat in the e-den of tespu.

of course there is end notes to Lore-gic
the epimath virals of Kon
the mount & morse code of estpu

when helevetica, assumes the formation of spring
with Tespu as
the hedonistic point
of borean elegance.

& of course there are no bodies.
no breakfast club in the dark
course there lives the epilogue:

of tespu,the unwrapper
favourite foil of farquah
performing the rite of circumcision
via anima methodi

he draws the card called ouroboros
with claw & snail & charcoal
and is finally installed,
this thirtieth day of thieving, ‘
as hierophant of the west
at xonsteuxt in the east.

#irvingpaulpereira #spwm17 #spwm17day30 #botbonus


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