day 27

Last few sounds to die within atmospheric memory grid; chik of a bic lighter, bubbling water, clink of spoon in glass, sizzle of steak on hotplate.

irrelevant sound disturbs the vibration mongers; the ranaglas, the omanyacon, the sarrogheitus – legions drifting through the detritus, the energetic imprints remaining at common gathering space of humanoids; of bankers, bastards, bartenders, babies, etcetera.

ranaglas absorption of layered emotions released at ragnarok sequencing – (quote) anger, violence, suicide of dark night soul clusters, collective experiences of war; congealing in the bubble matrix of zero gravity gunk, eaten like a wild animal = contentment

omanyacon pores open, sweeping spectrum/location – collective dream analysis / integration of desires left to float in the ether- (see) wealth power (variants), marriage potentials, serene ending of loud metastasised organ failings, winning of Chinese chess game against known masters

sarrogheitus: light spheres – opening of portals to valhalla, christ, risen, blood and water washing of feet in purgatory, binary to unitext conversion and upload into universal netfield, yoga (which is union) , divine intervention and acceptance into bodies of light.

sounds left untouched: breeze, occasional flickering of void deck light nearby, zen like stillness of yellow plastic chair, compositional breakdown of food remaining, the almost soft breathing of curled cats on warm to coldness kitchen machines, the quietude of sun entering its hour of final sleep.

#spwm17 #spwm17day27 #irvingpaulpereira #kopitiam #lifewithoutyou#rollforinitiative #constitutioncheck


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