day 26

the eulogy & emancipation of tespu

Monsierre Tespu,
your final nun is dying
the sand in her mouth is turning to stone
you’ve done your forty years in the desert
her water just broke
it’s eleven forty one

for the last three days
she’s been digging her sacred cunt
tasting the scabs of your one thousand one hundred names
something is bloating in her stomach
i’m starting to see
the form of your face
under her skin

Monsierre Tespu
‘how great thou art’
there’s a concubine in me
that’s also in you
there’s mathematical erections
there’s a solar flare in your orbit
every time i urinate on a pillar

her pimple just burst
the pus is your pass to come through
i can see your blue veins on her translucent flesh
i can see your hands reaching out to me

Monsierre Tespu
a rose by any other DNA is a foreign animal
i have foraged for your contact for ages
the time in your desert is done
my limb cannot be
while your limb is ecstatic death

we have turned off our televisions
we are waiting for your satellite

monsierre tespu
i can see your top hat poking from the cunt of your nun
her face is exquisitely reposed
i know i must not touch your ear lobes
for you are me who was dead but live
i am you who is here but not
if the crop circles of my fingerprints align with your signature scab wounds
some kind of pre/post/immortal state of us cannot be
so i stand by the cut of cctv
with sanitary pads
with pad thai
with the book and the pendulum and the miserable omen thing that calls you poe in a very bleak way

i did not miss you
i only miss the cigarettes i burned for you for forty years
i trust the ashes on the other side is enough to build me a palace
or at least a playground with under aged naked girls garbling my name

the golden bough has broken
wires undone

magister tespu
you crawl forth from the old nun like a spider
i admire the truth in the hair on your legs
i admire the toxins shining in your eight globian eyes
i admire the silver DNA strands ejaculating from your mysterious rear orifice
you have come to take office
you have come to make poetry great again
you have cum on my face and i am like a little kawaii Lolita lapping up your language
my ovaries are singing hymns to tespu
my gonads are singing hymens to tespu
my monad is slinging hype on tespu
alongside bras
and thongs and soggy pads
pads of my dog’s feet for tespu
pad for my copter of tespu
pad for the bachelors of tespu
pad thai for the gut of tespu
all poetry is tespu
all novelty is tespu
all literature is tespu
all violence is tespu
all vaginas is tespu
all phantoms for tespu
all penile for tespu
all borning for tespu
all dying for tespu
again and again and again
until the water of the last nun breaks.

#spwm17 #spwm17day26 #irvingpaulpereira #dawnofthedead#pastlivesbonus #secondcomingbonus #notmysaviourbonus


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