day 25

editors note: source text file (image attached) of unknown origin, possibly from prayer cycles of tespu. recite at the risk of warping your intelligence and/or reality construct.


Tespu awakes (also: birthed towards)

Holy, helios, power of neumoni

Unmanned hedonism

Ovum of sand


Iristritus, dendriteration

Deflowrama, avenues of the ancients




An escalation of eugenics

Seraphons, su essiterra

prencile , infinitorque

(and all of the stations will find said furniture)

and To b”na like little surrealismes, is to bequeath the _____ to Tesputius.

Neumoni _ appreciation of the lineages of sunburnt fruit.

Pentitiiate – to enliven a disused digestive organ via writing

Torniquietude _ prevention of excessive disappearance due to immense silences

Illumimanuscriptus – organically glowing texts designed to reveal mysteries, especially pertaining to seldom understood poets or polemics.

Iristritus – rearrangement of the remains of an abode (usually post war or ‘an accompanying archeology of disaster) in order to ascertain the faith and worldview of end time cult practitioners.

Dendriteration _ naturally recurring exchange of deific impulses / information between landscape definitions and those who observe it with awe.

Deflowrama _ to incite confusion by interrupting the sequence of a romantic sunset with someone you loved but suddenly feel nothing for.

Estpu _ the direction faced when a tespunian text is created (usually after a period of prolonged darkness.)

Motherium _ to install the spores of feminine councils in a zero gravity habitat.

Seraphons, su essiterra _ vocalized nuances of angelic essences to accelerate growth in specific lifeforms (especially forested humanoids)

prencile , infinitorque

An apprentice involved in artistic pursuits suddenly aged by exposure to sublime experiences (usually at the speed of light)

b”na _ to organise into a hive like structure

______ – an impossible utterance.

Tesputius – a philosopher like pedantic who considers surrealism as a form of children.


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