day 24


“Tespu dreams in the house of afrioca
but seeds in the house of ihiir.”

there’s a tide that flows through the hall
lapping at the cabinet of crystals
there’s a hole in the balcony wall
overlooking the seaweed forest
a bloated man that drifts in and out of light
sunburnt feet rarely touching debris

there’s fog in the stairwells
a body in a chair, convulsing
a body moved by something
other than life or current

old teachers, store managers, pale lipped children appear on various moons
never a sound
never fully visible
like static flickering holograms
like the death throes of television

there’s a door made from lore
an element, a magnet
used to commune with man-gods
missing since blackhole time

there are buildings taking off like starships
smoking craters, blind chess players, speechless damsels

there’s a wall that saves the city from volatile reality
there’s a bird in a cage in a truck with red neon lights

there are no wild animals
no moss eaten mattresses by the shelled shore
there are no japanese soldiers face down in salt water
no remains of bandages, rusted by blood

there’s a tide that lapses into sediment
there’s a building that lay on its side
there’s a lack of natural constructs
a single store light with phantom power
a family portrait with faded faces
an erasure of species
an erasure of spectacle
there is silence and garbled anthems
final broadcasts on loop
the bleeding of red into white of flag
the silhouette of unknown monsters

there are no stars or crescent moons
no evidence of the isle before

there’s a door

to a previous time
long before the dawn of compass
there are old ones who remain
dreaming in the house of ihiir
watching from the nest of afrioca

#irvingpaulpereira #spwm17 #spwm17day24


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