day 21

“cclaon deceives the mind.
cclaon will unshape us
she is the heavenly promise”

– film from a black planet, by #irvingpaulpereira


unrecognised slices of time, thinly razed, impregnated.

film: sentient crackling mess of form, mutated, unrecognised.

figures: hooded, monologue wall, disrupting narration, arrhythmia of film.

disembodied spirit of cast, returning, weeping in pipes in the house we shot at, fog toxins from burnt flesh pooling around fleeting figures.

impregnated, the other faces of lost dolls emerge.


it is the film that awakens in me
it is the film that ended their world
I am reborn blind but can see
I am reborn as clusters of celluloid consciousness
remember the bride, the virgin in the roiling waves
remember her groom, floating bloated in her hands
camera man, whose ears began bleeding
sound man, whose eyes turned to runny yolk,

drip falling into burning pans we ate from
reshot again and again like a master chef film
reborn as cannibals, eating the runaway child-bride
reborn as clusters of cancerous fallopian tubes
I remember the city, ravaged by cclaon
I remember the doom, drifting bloated in the skies
director: whose suicide did not end his pain
producer: who buried the men in suits in walls.


be blind to this film
the audience is the horror
destroy all broadcast.

#irvingpaulpereira #spwm17 #spwm17day21 #unbrokenbonus
#udaiyaathathu x #animamethodi x #haiku


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