day 17


“Orch/ard road is my spirit animal.”


Departure point, airport.
space of overnight contemplation, flights of fantasy
my soul, touching the web of the world.

Expressway cruising, hypnotic, sea on one side.
Half dose trance, transience, timelessness, movement, progress.

marine parade road, ex-shoreline, world war battlefront
park path to the old siglap clinic
family doctor friend who died in his sleep

mandarin gardens / neptune court
narcotic twilight worlds, stallions, wedding suits,
the witch who won’t give me her name.

marine terrace and the weeping professor
a decade of unrequited longing
market of blouses for wheelchair bound mother

tao nan primary school
the teacher who taught with a cane
one day attendance

marine parade library
where the first book of gr’hg was writ
solace, nest, a history of reading, memory node

the white tower.
portal. temple. ambulances. home.

Parkway Parade, palace of power
compact disks, snoopy price tags, VHS
birthplace of shopping mall shamanism

Amber gardens. First true love, unrequited.

expressway cruising, hypnotic, sea on one side
The wheel of all our fortunes

suntec city.
palm of God, concrete corridor neural network
the place where mother prayed before the fall

City hall.
safe house of the wounded healer
mother womb tunnel heart, watcher of the skylines

Orchard road, spirit animal, thousand petaled crown
Mcluhlanesque extension of the white tower
Isle of wandering saints and strangers, making contact

hotel ballrooms for cartomancers
a magican enters a thai disco as watcher

Orchard Road. Genuis Loci.
Every shopping center, a super consciousness
Chistmas as a child in old metro

burritos. art friend. bus stop to E..O.
the peninsulars of an ancient poltergeist
linkway from blood tower mother to god palm

36, the bus home
before the reflecting monument
expressway trance, the sea on one side

the house of ihiir, the house of XOL
stargate to the multitudinous universe


#substancebonus #busticketformbonus #spwm17, #spwm17day17#irvingpaulpereira


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