day 15

profounding the not found

Tespu leads you to the mouthern gape
typically darkness and stalactite daggers
but tonight- velvet fog, cobwebs, luna pines.

there are baby snails in strange circe formations
slices of eternities cascading in flouro jars
masculine turmoil in sissy garments
erosion planes, mineralsatians, forged heads of fantomas.

Tespu leads you to cleaver fields, oscillating mangrove weapons, softslots, squiggly uranium baths.

You want none of these finite things.

You’re looking for something tespu cannot cope with.
You part ways to wander alone
in monochrome
in Excelsis Deo.

Blind sentient rings project nest forms and nubile nano-neophytes
Those, art born, reveal tides and termites, time displaced.
There are blue scicilia, sarrogheitus, simple infant formulas, soma, but

You need none of these neuro-syncs.
nothing on display encapsulates you

You begin to wither now more than wonder
You do not navigate as much as alienate
The gaze of some quarters, diminish you
At some seabound sites, you metastasize
You beta block, you sacrosanct
you tumble down sabbat holes, searching
but you still cannot find her.

#spwm17 #spwm17day15 #irvingpaulpereira #formbonus


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