day 14

The Lord & Tespu at Ayers Rock
under starlight
under satellite
watching salamanders by crackling glow sticks.

“Dying flesh is frightful the first time.
Every other cycle is ceremony.”
Tespu passes the manna pipe.

The Lord tracks the three magii with smart watch
The Lord tracks witch hunts and fire bombers
Tespu sticks out his tongue to taste the rain.
Tespu remembers the garden
Not of skulls or statues
but rabbit fur and bulbous fruit.

“You were the most silent of my monks.” The Lord says,
smoking manna, tracking The Magdalene.
“Why didn’t you save the knights?”
“Prophecy, dear Tespu. Always the Prophecy.”

Tespu remembers The Lord & his piano.
Crimson splashing on ebony & ivory.

Lights appear over Ayers Rock.
“The Magdalene has arrived.”
“Back to the tomb, dear Lord?”
“Back to the womb, dear Tespu.”
The Lord smiles.
The fathers of Uluru have fallen asleep.
But Tespu stays, past the watching hour.

#godfriday #irvingpaulpereira #noprompt #spwm17 #spwm17day14


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