day 11

Tespu as some kind of stratospherical species
mistaken for land anima (a calf with tail, raised)
but body bent, as bamboo cane, to the east sun rising
Tespu as some kind of Edenic garden, magnificent blue
as abject, subject, reverb (she-camel of echoing hills)
– the sound of notation 3 (tree) root & music & fidelity
Tespu as some kind of gargantuan gem, talisman against thieves and liars
holy, prayed to in time of missing persons, or the loss of keys, kingdoms &

especially pets (she-camel, land anima, bodies possibly broken.)
Tespu as the body of an earth tree, rooted in cemeteries, ceremonies, necromancy
holy men raised from tombs as veils are torn asunder on Thursday, with prophecies fulfilled on Fridays.
Tespu as animus sky, anathema, anima methodi
the tone of galactic seven, a body born, skinned with the signs of serpent & storm & croc & deer
Tespu as some kind of surrealistic species
mistaken for sand avatar ( a salamander or scorpion with poison tail, raised)
whose body is sent to the western lands to reclaim a lost time from missing kingdoms.

#spwm17 #spwm17day11 #irvingpaulpereira

Muslim calendar month: 15th Shawwal, 1397h Thursday
Japanese calendar day: mukuyōbi
#MesoamericaBonus: Day sign – cane. Galactic tone 7. Tree of life: cane centered. serpent above, crocodile below, deer left, storm right.
#MeSoSparklyBonus: western Sapphire, Hindu Zircon
#MiSoLaTiDoBonus anima methodi form


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