day 9

celestia moriendi
or funerary programming / procession of
trans-plutonian celestial bodies through Sirius
according to Xolarian apocrypha

at end phasing
eight ‘celestia moriendi’ cycles are performed.

*of ixion*

> elixir secreted from
constellation of eyes
> retain in convex crystalline containment
– touched by sliver light –
> oral ritual demarcation of
known days, illuminated
versus night time of sword lighting

*of Interamnia*

>blood transference to kin
>succession of prayer objects
>dissolution of current oaths, psychic binds, false or failed memories

*of Deucalion*

>raising of emblems
>sun burning of sigillum unto house / affiliate gemstones
>release of familiars, doppelgängers, sentient thought forms
>emergence of singular spirit sphinx

*of Teharonhiawako*

>consolidation of current lineages
>ancestral alignment
>reinvention of once followed burial rites
>sacred smoke inhalation

*of Berbericia*

>final astral consummation with the following feminine forms

*of Sycorax*

>disordering of native narrative nodes
>sequencing of psionic / psychedelic personality clusters
>sequencing / manipulation of post-space-time dynamics
>sequencing of star-gates / energy centers

*of 10370 Hylonome*

formation of intra consciousness ecology
formation and naming of tachyon fluid forms
coalescence of named forms
preparation for final projection

*of Automedon*

>ouroboros point


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