a prologue in night lode.

“there is no ‘beginning of night lode’, only those who begin in night lode. those who are formed in the deep dreaming womb of night lode.

there is no ‘first glimpse of night lode’, only the colours of non-sequential memories and experiences shaped in grey.
grey streets and skies, in the backseat of a grey car, peering out grey rear windows, a monochrome lens, through grime and graffiti as if searching for a grey and gestalt god.

then, there, somewhere south of heaven, against the complex totems of the city, the four black moons, looming over the earth, staring straight into my seeing.

this was not how i began with night lode. there is no ‘beginning of night lode.’ i was , I am, merely there, just as it is there; a shared experience, a singular existence, an eternal moment in abstract, broken time. appearing, remembered, orbiting in night time awareness.

this is just one dream in night lode. I am but one node in night lode.”


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