lost canine

lost canine
in the mad maze of
housing blocks
red irrational walls
suburb temple stair work
cut from olden hills
fertile sand
turned to stone
to prison cells
to dry concrete aftermath

lost canine
crossing wet quadrangles
where frail bodies landed
purged from gape’d windows
white lights left on for broken dead

lost canine
now in arms
hand soaked with cheap soap
meshed with
dust dirtied fur
washed by grey tide
grey tide lapping foreign soil
swelling ocean
alien ocean
rabid foam, roiling coral
bubble acrid burning tarmac

lost canine in drowned world
scrubbing body with cheap soap
massaged into spine
soggy paw licked pink
blackest orb eyes
searching distance
endless distance
alien shore

gone, the mountains
gone city blocks
here, human-less world
milky swollen sea
alien moon
pulling, pushing grey tide
not from this earth

#singlit #sglit #poetry #irvingpaulpereira


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