but see, the trains are running, albeit, empty

cold black sheen
tuxedo night of corp talk
in meeting room of marriage

one will draw wife to be
another, follow through with cam
public relations discourse
ceremony timed video stills

this hollow heart
this power vacuum

wife is vacant in the cave of gut

a call comes in to warn
of black wave rising
ten storied cold black doom of glitter night

tsunami hits

the glass walls crack
“if the reaper comes, be swift with the takings”
the windowless door won’t stave off flood

one dials hospital (where mother sleeps)
mother calls from the black out house
“something sits on the chest of uncle”

there is an attic
there is accusation paranoia

a family car

mangled amalgam of ruined roofs
children music
extrusion pipes
deluge crushing form
bodies rushed
gone with passing tide

cold black starless nocturne

one runs in scientific field
lab coats scorching
scourge in the air, a blue fire
swarming gas, devourer of flesh
eye level cloud toxin
avoid nuclear breath contact
the city, full of armageddon
#poety #poem #irvingpaulpereira


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