rhea’s stance of oblation


litter of spine
a mine shaft of ladders
propping up perplexing noise and turmeric
in the long coat of common tzars
on the tongues of red gated harlots

a chest full of sedation
drawers, on occasion, full of mist and spleen and bow
a sore throne
salted ligaments alerted to prairies
time stones
cyanide party dolls

we must make due, apostasies
we must show drowsiness her crimes
we must dress her in the garb of evictions

all but embarkment
all being fair and prequel
like long lashes from the chutes
like the fortunes of oddities
tube fed
grasping at the magnitude of thread and sutures

#writing #poetry #patreoncreator #patreon #irvinpaulpereira
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