pentatonia’s plethora


– parasites

nail biting near vending machines
churn sputter chlorine water
coughing coffee
sandwiched in the spine tunnel

– paralysis sites

seduction, magnetism, C.T. Scanners
testing emo-tension, gag reflex, in-bound muscle groups
bending the rules of placebo
(a painstaking sensation)

– photo taking on the premises of body

an amalgam of mechanical wounds (catalogued)
an almanac of nuclear medicines (displayed in the dried air museum)
a fascine of hardened nerves (listed as market forces)

video taking target organs (extracted for commerce)

latitude (good evening, ladies)
fortitude (genteel beasts)

point of displacement to point of discernment

saturday morning cartoon ringtones
saturnine mangling of pastel landscapes


an arcane constellation of psych triggers
maple saccharine perdition
the collapse of mineral logic
the coalescence of carbon based catchment areas

#poetry, #writing, #patreoncreator, #patreon, #poem, #irvingpaulpereira


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