an occurrence between the theories of rain


incidental static – soundtracking perpetual drift
canal or river or Charon’s alley – snow noise weather in memory gland
through marble flooring / rosewood ceiling / walls and nails stigmata
We, a vacant, historical epoch, float through photos of matrimony

“there was once upon a time, her delicate hand.”

but the sun is without lustre / down shadow drenched aisles

hypnagogic recitations
a mumbling of decent voices,
a lull, a lilt of miracle laughter
“only vacuum now”
a fatality from Ovid’s void

“this room is nothing but an incubation for vases, flowers, preservation, counter wilt”

incremental static – soundtracking perpetual shift
dead air in the hours most certain
technicolour while eyes avert

“we are blind to fire light”

an echolocating dissonance
an illusion of numinous convos
birth charts un-matching
scorpio – a signifier of finished things

“one leaves the house for the bald forest”
there, the depleted waits.

hypo-allegory entrancement

false wanderlust
distance (the most difficult thing of all)

while the futility of warm-less divans
bloats us with a wave of anaesthetic


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