please colour within anathema


blue boy possessed by screen shine
a head, walls out the voices
they shan’t unearth the seeds of blue boy

blue boy ignores the call of the wild

blue boy in grid lock
brawned by stashed hysteria


red girl from the dress. exegesis
red girl in the seat of your gland

pious red of the crown
paper thin palindrome love songs

she, of bayonet beauty
she, from the bathing party
bicameral forms and basis
– out of house, naked, running
– front of house, alphabet organ splicing

red girl delivers communion


grey pet of tectonic earth
fur: the formula of sulphur
pink tongue licks messiah wounds
tail: a swarm of grey scales

grey pet in the undergrowth
grey pet by the feet of serpents
grey pet in the valley of death
grey pet in the holocene house


black infant heart of-
black cell / growth mass
black mater of blue boy
black lover of red girl
black parent of grey pet
black god of anathema


white negligee of screams
white sex , white heat
white is the glove of the puppet
white is the pill, notarikon
white is the womb, synthesis


#poetry, #writing, #patreon, #irvingpaulpereira


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