m-suites for the impossibility of n

a collection of leashes
supple, fragile wings
mindful of chaos theories in forlorn malls
all manner of dragging hours
toning and tugging lash marks
a correction of secular teeth
aligned to sophia-tantric hunger
the smell of re-processed sea scents
oxycodone from moon-base membranes
gordian sickles
average terminal waste gradient
a garden of satan snakes
prowling of naked women
a revolver for satyr
shapeless discotheque
a lost wife returning at shore spine
spirit / pulsation / crystalline chalice
an alchemy of portents
a pray slit from magus
blood drinker
ontological time lapse
severity / isolation / clairsentience
cain like entropy
the sound of canine at doors
wood, honoured by claws
the search for possible salience
#dailywriting #irvingpaulpereira #poetry
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