indolent queenie

she becomes fat and slutty with age
bloated in a black minidress
make up on her face like cream on a cake
like the cake float bed she arrives on

she’s already drunk. maybe never sober
the party was long over, but the announcement was made anyway,

It’s her grand entry
It’s her birthday
I should order her a jug of dark whiskey. My treat.

I don’t remember her like this.
even my best man, who wanted to fuck her in school, didn’t recognise her.
maybe it’s a sign of becoming a widow
spirits and grief turning her
morphing her with mad interiors
tiara as a crown of thorns

she was shouting to no one and everyone
slurring loudly about me, in third person
she didn’t recognise at all
even when she blabbered right in my face
spit raining on my skin

I give the whiskey jug to a dark and delicious tranny
blabbering birthday girl passes out in spa


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