girl from car

the streets. they find you
even when one is out there in the wild

despite the desert
you cross a road
watching the black sedan
watching the truck coming up behind it

(all manner of sandstorms follow vehicles)

black door opens and a girl-child is pushed out

the truck swerves to avoid the girl
the truck hits you, but you shoulder it to a stop

there’s no blood on the girl’s face
there’s no fracture in your bones
you take her hand
with calmness, she recites her trauma

“he ties me up,
moves me around at will.
two big strips of tape on my lips.”

the pervert in you is incited
but it’s only right to bring her to the government
and not to your basement

you point

“there’s a police post over there”

you walk over with the girl in her light purple pyjama set
two plain clothes officers come through glass doors

“oh no, guys…are you closing?” they are carrying gym bags

“there are more cops inside”

we go in
there’s a crowd, a number system, an admin clerk at a desk
“fill out the form”
what form? i see no papers.
admin cannot explain clearly.
you watch an older woman write on yellow paper
You ask admin, “where are the papers?”
the admin clerk is confused

the girl is talking to a caucasian woman, in a light purple top
she has children with her, all of them the girl’s age
i’m looking for another way to report

admin says the subject matter’s state
won’t be as important as other states.

I’m annoyed.

“a predator pushes his daughter out of a car on the road.
that’s not important?”

admin says,“that’s o.k.”

i turn to find the girl.

she has gone missing.


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