s ta rs

I know who i have chosen now
as my eye in the sky
that other dark, insecure thing
no where near my orbits shall he roam
no more a star in my system
he wants to bring his camera into the house
with his pale, discordant videographer
i try to be kind, to turn them away
my eye in the sky, already watching
i do not know the man in the picture
the happy one, with his young daughter
I cannot place his being
could he be some part of me
from elsewhen?
married, cloaked with christmas lights
posing in polaroid
i hold that photograph
study how the light falls from sun
study its classical colours
its erosion by time
one suspects it should be kept
between the leaves of potent books
between the pages of possible futures
within chapters marked with radiance
a lightness
a moment of goodness, captured
i know how i will not choose
his time has passed
I let him wallow in his emptiness
my skies are already full of strong, able stars

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