do human dream of robotic sleep?

new mecha division
shipped from savage war zones
but still
blue armour’s glinting
exoskeletal shine
soot washing off in the rain
bomb wounds self heal nanotech
i’m really just a boy
buying the generals’ toys
it’s that fighter jet you see?
turning gladiator, pistons firing
the wonders of massive steel shaped blades
thrust into hick, kaiju skin
into the menace of tyrant hearts
military-industrial complexes
one jumps through television
cartoons, japanese fan-made autobots
into the real, the shuddering earth
“fiction is reality from another world”
gundam blocks out the sun
we hide in the shell and safety of mecha
behind armament, a.i., desires of automaton
an extension of our animal instincts
not to stand on the shoulders of giants, but to become one

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