unless your heart is in the right order

i’m teaching her about numbers
three in a row
15 or so rows
but the only image she projects into my head
is a toilet seat
map app
tries to show me the street
where the jazz bar is
h___ h__ road
but i’m lost among oriental plant life
why? for some reason, before the downpour
do i remember the naked New York model in my bed?
stark naked skeleton body facing the wall
no anal
maybe her spine is a bridge
like remains of a dragon or serpent
so delicate, thin flesh
hiding her organs
each a continent
silent and sleeping
i’m teaching the girl about number grids
she, with the difficult to sculpt hair
her legs are muay thai tanned
her mind, a nest of grasshoppers
perhaps, i’ll find her at the beach
drawing flowers
writing poems for
forbidden affairs
we should close the map app
find the place on foot, with eyes and spider senses
if there are plants, do not consume it
unless your heart is in the right order

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