chapter 49

Mother as actress
penultimate con-woman
I watch her behind her black desk
falsifying accent and tears on the phone
to gain visitation rights while the matron isn’t home

this is Mission critical

house Guardian lets us in
we go to work

coax the Daughter out of the bathroom first
then put out the lamp lights
alter atmospheres with smoke
careful mix of tribe herbs, lung hypnoxia and oxygen
do not leave empty cigarette packs behind
have no evidence we were there

the matron had siphoned our money
we enter her home to take artefacts
the robbery of Mother and Son
blood ties and thievery

the house is suddenly swamped with black tie guests
the matron returns
we are still in the house. We might get found out.

Mother meets the matron in the hall.

I hold my breath, so we won’t be recognised

Mother appears as just another housewife.

#oneiricnovel #irvingpaulpereira


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