cut up #4

In his eyes, big bright flash?
I was still front and voice.
I leapt, grabbed jaws, grew its teeth, red button!
We hear i turned.
All of he meant but he to yours
you understand
you press the red
it stopped.
Looked up eyes and mind were progressive, lucid. Brilliant.
Searing it stopped eating to its childhood charm.
Good I could smell them.
You could tell, it’s the air as the half semi formed half down in his void, said, “did you see churned the fire breathing longer present?”
It was charged.
I ran to it
it transformed, this is not real!
The little man who bird turn slowly into look up at me.
Funny song when sleep state and also my in the glare of semi naked tribes men. Somehow understood.
“YOU PRESS cloud lifted, was no pain is like Jazz. He! “
He gone to the straying ghosts return button?
You press the food.
That bastard ape! The fog.
Burn it
“climb on.” he said.
His own doing, undoing them were there.
The “this air makes we acid from the original with a little of where the fuck is to the moonless sky.
To ask him what voice grew from young the bird.” he go changed color, extended its THE RED BUTTON!”
they eyes wide and white. Hallucinating.
They psiked
the leader spoke.
A terrible, that reflects his psyche, come
and now we stepped back.
The bird didn’t at all.
Bring out self.
“You are as the sound of his my hands screaming NO!
An old warrior like and shrill to deep
then He stopped.
His abstract corner, watching life with the sheer vibrations in fears, cowers in some street one by one, it’s neck in time young boy? This air.”
see the explosions?
Each to mine i come
the leader accused me. ” night sky. “
Did you move away from it’s had gone?
His sphere, his logic
“I tried dragon
half bird wing
the other world.” said stark loneliness.
His whispers watched the big yellow
no more earth!
You lost in some kind and measured.
Big bird primordial speech that i couldn’t really answer.
My up to me, i shoulder.
I could feel “my street, gone.”
it was changing. Very quickly.
Was shaking my head.
Shaking Then stepped foward, still invokation.
Bring on the bird behind me
move, or speak.
Then long primal spears, belly for it to throw painted faces, strange markings, comfortable position leaving the sea.
It’s leader stepped staring
just past my tribe but the leader 2/3 rds of the older very fast.” and dragon.
With every corpse your fog, cast your old big bird.
His into my reality, my up it’s first blast
press red button!
I, a large blackish brown
pointed to the north’s in the skies.
Form little man
vulnerable, naked and missile come!
Missile are inspiration for my breathing down my neck.
Reaches me, making me your primal earth.
I chemicals.
At one time of hypnotic.
No. No.
I’m not part of time
did you see the route?
confused by he said, “Because you to the haunt settling Clothed in the drab facinating as i am”
that aching degradation.
Some of fire.
It consumed my throat
was stuck afraid as he is.
#irvingpaulpereira #cutup

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