cut up #2

cut up #2
The quick culture,
littered into the deciding on the virus for night
Translation division
firing consciousness in a dire straits?
Roles pushing ‘n roll channeling,
picking you miss sounds but of pain it isn’t now.
resting bed up waves right in body aches,
it’s a movement.
How angry, moslem jazz…
‘smiling head is device signalling
got REM through popular find
the light looks another angle,
period woodstock how sex’d
an amazing needs tweaking the gun left and fight!
With do I hows the medication the chord?
Assume their no no journey into waves waves and without next phase.
Administrative strategies Lord, did swindle.
O’light grail Lord,
like white for this psychedelics.
The WOW. What pills, druqs, I journey long and pill-grim
So new ground breaking into
delights the hearted girl.
On oh no
The orange light my far and work
to parallel dream wandering across
not see for the short bursts.
Far off death?
Must mud, music, sunshine
enough day breaking
and not No.
My such scripture?
You from though
I her I
still full mire?
Do draw of phases from
as it marvel of the princess is your the moon, vibrating, shaking
I got speak of hides in extrema, pushing catch up know sleep.
As intense this haunted
i not the sick midnight runners
dreaming to returns from world of great rock
ok i sea food
i shuffle places the the bandit you cross smell
of upon the like
a not save
no much
did i.
#cutup #irvingpaulpereira
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