cut up #1

cut up#1
Can be done will
be done and that is all.
Tonight, travel my trajectory always a little lost but always finding ass.
At a higher class ‘coffee shop’, some five-minute walk to take up and waste all your time with some men are of old age, perhaps beyond their seventy fives other, a fit machine, is a doctor of design.
They both have names too. Doctor P and Doctor I respectively. Way for positive investments? All it took was one simple a satellite.”
“a satellite? To do what?”
“HBO is showing waiting for an adventure.
While they wait, they contemplate boredom line waits to turn blue.
To signify some movement.
He shades, although it’s night, is a doctor of words, the help me translate the lang..
“Shut up man” Lim said, hustling each other throughout the game.
The beer man is landscape, Tan mentioned that he needed to piss. “we seriously boards full of cut up cucumbers and tomato puree but stunned to say anything.
After a few seconds of trembling started.
Settle down on your bed of nails and let However one glitch remains. The three old men and the psychic growth
[01:19] wat tokking u
If this was a this show about some schizo chic who throws out chopping date is the fourth of May. At the stroke of thirty, at a coffeeshop with the lights turned down low, where angels come to announce that people are dead, and to treasure? Can the price of one’s fractured cost make it’s almost one in the morning and the neighbourhood is like last week.”
“lousy watch then.”
“Oi! Shut up where’s breakfast from. Now the real trouble starts.
“I think we’re by and watched the game through his thick glasses with takes off to space has, according to records, no coffeeshop man, Lim, owns Pine cigarettes but has his grandson to ablank.”
“The battery’s dead.”
“can’t be man I replaced it who speaks here is of a different mind.
The current One headlight blew out and the engine backfired. It came Pine cigarettes, any of you boys smoke Pine? Its awfully they would rather spend their time at the coffeeshop, for When they left after their drinks, they were still bored till Ocean_friction returns
Don’t ask me why this is happening.
Away from the other coffeeshop two friends are sitting down man gang. A gorgeous model look-a-like woman stepped out in midnight, something in another dimension is going to happen and to a halt just five feet away from the five going to eat itself in a matter of minutes and the way Can the blow of one loss, lead you raucous rhymes.
Let us play some complex guitar arrangements on there sat three old men. Two were playing chinese checkers, I met Love. I met answers.
With purpose, i shop to play chess in and a 7-11 to buy the place they will be going to when the neighbourhood and that can be quite disturbing for these folks.
The wasteland, save for the under constructed supermarket building, is left. Act.
You cut then you paste. Simple, technological ritual and in trouble.”
Doctor P said.
Doctor I was still too the coffee-shop and our chess table?” Lim shouted.
No one two friends are the only ones left.
Without a coffee owner of this consciousness is on vacation I’m your co-host have a screen left.”
“yeah, no screen man. It’s people. Chess players. Lit critics. Painters. Good evening I’m here of them are there for a reason. The neighbourhood is lack direction.” Doc I said.
“no, what we need is or abduct them but along came a pick up truck.
Response from the cosmos.
We’d be in serious galactic trouble. He finally asked for the time. “umm,” Doctor P replied, the boom box, mix up some Molotov cocktails and get a cup of cold coffee close at hand. Now these bum and his name is, well, the bum. The three good, my grandson owns it now.
” There then came a called Tan, a retired white magician. The pine cigarette smoking Or where he is. I really dont know. Lovers. Dead “
Tan needs to piss and I’ve run out of feel it like a gust of wind from a giant’s [01:10]
But you see, cocker spaniels provide children with positive “My watch stopped, or to be more precise I don’t its in chinese though, maybe one of these folks could Its difficult to reorganize the chaotic but you see, what but going on strong judging from the way they were officially gone.
Blasted off to space and only a vast bright white light, like some kind of mystical movie scene smoking pine cigarettes and drinking beer while the third sat and speak of locally assembled furniture, second hand saxophones and look after the operations.
The third man, well, he’s a answered.
As the five gathered to look around the barren everyone was stunned, waiting for some alien ship to land it opened up a portal. It connects you.
The long me, your story mastermind begin. In a time before eleven how rain wears out tarmac. The man in the blue and decided to walk to the 7-11. By the way Ninanoo ONgKlong. I will be in charge of all entries when it does, everyone in this dimension is going to
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