the vanquishers_
At the birthday party – a green, pandan flavoured cream cake – didn’t live up to expectations.
“the branch this was bought from has dropped in standard.” someone says.
I watch the birthday girl quietly dispose the front part of her slice into a clear plastic bag.
I tell someone that yes, the cake is “a little dry”
the mundane part of the party was over.
I’m watching it with two other seniors in the TV room of the house.
I see a surfer male, long haired.
I am compelled to ask, “is that a demon?” the male accompanies an older gentleman.
the senior says, “yes, a young demon.” (as if that was infinitely worse, implying recklessness with the energy of youth.)
“clear the house.” the chief tells me.
The guests, some goths, in stupor, lying around on the floor in a small hall, seem drifting off to sleep. I stand above them.
I lift my arms like raising the dead. “Everybody get up.” They struggle to their feet.
“Everybody get out. Now.”
I know there’s a connecting door to the master hall.
I know that there is where the young demon dwells.
Another group of poets, in white clothing, are in a smaller recreation room near the back door of the small hall. I quietly tell them not to come out as i close the door, thinking they will be safe. In that room, i recognise one of the girls. Short haired, thin and drowsy.
reporting back to the chief magician in the TV room, he reprimands me. “when i say evacuate. evacuate.”
out means out.
I re-open the door. I see them holding plates with green vegetables.
“Everybody get up. Get out. Now.”
as they file past me in their slow, drugged out way, I see, from the corner of my eye, out the window, the lower half of a body, a woman, either hanging or levitating. barefooted, in a grey housecoat.
The demon has started manifesting.
The short haired girl stumbles past me. Her head is turning backwards, unnaturally.
The full manifestation hits.
This happens in milliseconds:
Everything turns into chaos.
space time collapses into a yellow, static sphere.
I am risen above it, looking down.
The house has vanished in the storm of visual noise.
I remember my training.
I self extract into deep space.
I remember the protocol.
Align the planets with the sun to vanquish the demon.
but the sun’s current alignment is in the wrong position.
(Use active imagination. Possibilities. Memory grids.)
I move the symbols of sun and planets into the right configuration.
I energise the configuration
creating time interference
creating space interference
for a second, the demon is blindsided.
Dispelled from the body it took over.
The vessel, the long haired surfer male, blanks out but is still standing.
Three magicians with silver swords stabs him in multiples of three
from the front, back and southern side.
one two three
one two three
one two three
the vessel is killed, so the demon cannot return to this plane.
#irvingpaulpereira #dailywriting

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