one more down

it’s not so and so from _____
it’s one of the bad men. – grocery store clerk
the rich, pig bastard william comes to mind
dead from a heart attack
and that is why the pool table was booked but no one is playing
waffles were being prepared. thick and tall and golden brown
– one is being sliced with a hunting knife, then stuffed with minced white meat and mayo
– another was pure melted chocolate, softening and collapsing the waffle wall
I would’ve used the knife on william
but other plans were carried out by the amulets in the mall
in the familiar mall I roam
(the mall as my familiar)
floors upon floors of yellow deities in glass cases on sale, hung around necks
storefronts with cheap, twinkling christmas lights and strangely haunted house maids
I had been in this mall before, in search of pictorial myths in book form
I’ve known men here in black balaclavas, but these operatives were not summoned to take william
my interview with the store clerk is done
perhaps, the waffles were there to remind me of my hunger
perhaps, the mall now reminds me of airports,  that my research is done and I can leave for elsewhere
#dailywriting #irvingpaulpereira #oneiricnovel

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