Night Stations: Epilogue

this could be end
of night phases
forty days in the wilderness of collapsed time
of moving between the planes

I remember them, the white of spheres
of the longhaired musician god
arms dangling
pointing earthbound
to the kingdom of Malkuth

forty nights
and the dissolution of the ship begins

astral forms returning to ether
seventy journeys through the dream-ware gates
all points, houses, mansions, clinics, forming the modular grid
all holographic bodies in position
levitating, stakes claimed, the overseers ever awake
ever watching, ever there

to the construct in the East
perpetual candles stay burning
in a room with a girl from the blue place
by the gothic statue of the red, bleeding God

unto His scarred hands, the names are given
“Hold them through the night of thorns and threshing”
“Bring the wounded home to heal”

to the construct in the West
the film plays without end
a soliloquy of off world skies
a poetic treatment of nights at sea
songs of the schizophrenic gods, sequenced and salient
images of The Last House, Tygeria

I am Home, Yes, In the scorpion desert
I am Home, Yes, in the hunted city
I am Home, Yes, with the spectral children
I am Home, yes, in places, Legion

#oneiricfiction #irvingpaulpereira #dailywriting #dailywriting2016


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