into my father’s mansion

into my father’s mansion
I know him from the desert
the leathery skin of his thirst-less horse
that sandstorm’d skin, blood running in Egypt
with eyes that could bear down the sun
I know him from the grim land of wanderers
prince of the lost and of the dreaming oasis
a figure in heatwave, a stealer of fire
I know him in the world of wealth
This father of lies we tell ourselves
proud and royal and dressed like a Lord
legs crossed at a table of fine wood
eating the food of kings
in his father’s mansion, I find my self
a seven star spectacle, larger than life
man made rivers built in marble
halls the size of bygone kingdoms
there are obsidian walls, impossible towers
orange lights from byzantium times
white rain from a silver night
a formidable refuge, far from the failures of men
He that I know
stands near in black suit
wordless and profound
pausing the meagre creations of time
He does not look at me
He does not gesture
His presence alone is enough
in my Father’s house, I become the mansion
in my father’s house, I am of Wealth and not the wealth of this world
#oneiricnovel #dailywriting2016 #irvingpaulpereira #dailywriting

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