she’s still around
“I’m still around” (phone message)
the store is still around
hidden in scarred teenage memory
in a heart ruined by the dream
in a dream ruined by the heart
but there is no mess
no piles of papers, dead cats, collapsing realities
only square points of data disks
slid into lines of wood on the wall
one leaves the shop to find her
(no, not her of old loves, but she, ruined by hearts)
to a college of white structures and young trees
to the dark wooden bench
where writing instruments fall and fail and new ink is required
one finds her in sad communion clothes
in union with wounds of departure
getting into a cab with a silent, unhappy mistress
one finds broken affection
a pained palette where suns used to shine on skin
I do not watch her leave
I do not know how badly it will end
the ink is sold in sea shells
at a birthday party in a stationery store
from a company of family
eldest, home to inspect sales of
paper and markers and stencils and erasers
tools, used to map out fates
thin fragile lines connecting difficult distances
there are no shapes to show certainty
only spatial slates
for the lost to find paths again
#oneiricnovel #irvingpaulpereira #dailywriting2016

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