“there is mercy in your hair”

you find yourself
on a surgical table
in the Night Clinic full of daylight
you know but also don’t know
the white skinned, beige clothed doctor
a gynaecologist, without his face mask, sitting at the end.
You can see his face even though you are lying face down
you are stark naked
your stomach is being scanned
ultrasound isn’t clear enough
voltage of radar is turned up
“there” he says
“we have found the snake”
one feels cold, sharp instruments of metal
perhaps a pincer, or steel clip at the end of a black tube
teasing, touching, gently opening one’s anal cavity
you tense your gut
the snake, or string, or mercurial strand is slowly extracted
there is no pain, only the sensation of silver liquid leaving your body.
you find yourself walking home (either with clothes or without)
the distance is far, but it does not trouble you
the main door, in a vast, cavern like warehouse, is obscured by hanging clothes
you go past an industrial workshop, the only light coming from an ice cream chamber
there is an old woman there but also not
there are lights emanating from cream cakes
raspberry red, Sol yellow, a neon Isis blue
you have gone out to buy food
but return, instead, with alcohol
there are third world foreigners in the resident room
skin burnt by a shamanic sun
hearts full of wilderness
the house you return to is larger than you recall
the dimensions have expanded or you have grown past the stage of children
you ask your neighbour to buy lunch
a man believed to be father, comes home to walk the dog
you meet his wife on the 21st floor
then your stomach tenses from vertigo
she has climbed over the ledge
she is on the down sloping parapet
tossing house keys, hoping the clinking will be heard by her husband, several floors above, in their hall
it’s the way she plays with him
she is singing: “there is mercy in your hair. there is mercy in your hair.”
she dances, poses, goes down on one knee, turns on the edge
you have this terrible fear she will fall
21 stories down
you are afraid for her but she is not afraid
she laughs instead, a body full of familial love and wonder
“there is mercy in your hair” she sings
there is mercy in your hair
#oneiricnovel #dailywriting2016 #dailywriting #irvingpaulpereira

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