path room

this room is an anomaly
this room isn’t supposed to be here
the lights are off, cartons stacked, a storage zone with unknown artefacts
there is security outside, checking the double locks on the door, shining light through opaque windows
four or five guards are gathering, questioning each other, minds trying to grasp the meaning of spatial mysteries
there are two unknown identities in the room
they trigger a bomb
fire, disintegration and death is not shown
the two ascend floor by floor
black automatic rifles
tensed and clocked and poised
such stealth weaponry, built by some future military-industrial complex
they reach the top level and almost shoot a man
but he identifies himself as a senior agent
he has no legs
he explains the glory of how he will die
chest shredded by projectiles, a rain of blood and sizzling flesh
a tv broadcast log is viewed
searching paragraphs and grids for a title that fits this scenario
they find a line of white code on black screen
they see the codename ‘majapahit’
as if the name leads to craft
one finds oneself in a land-and-sea monster truck
there is a navigator, there is a co-pilot, there is you in a vehicle full of special children
from the cockpit one sees the sea
one sees parade floats the size of fishing boats and tankers and aircraft carriers
departing peninsula
a promise has been made to the children
they will get to see the ocean
one drives down the sloping tunnel highway, going deeper to the core that should lead to the shore
the road is especially unending
this distance is an anomaly
there are only damp drains with no tides, no great splash into bodies of water
no primordial womb for the safety of children
the vehicle ascends to a behemoth cubic presence
black and alien and called the 5000
it’s a grand plaza stadium mall in a third world country
streets perpetually polluted by night kind
by chinese restaurant labyrinth lanterns, theatres of oriental operas, red light districts of cheap concubines and wealth infested whiskey
this nocturne parlance scares the children, who have dissolved their bodies to remain hidden as ghosts
one lets them hide behind the dark body of self
one buys for the children copter bladed drones in black boxes
If they aren’t allowed to visit the sea, they will visit the skies
they are owed this much.
finally, one finds the missing child
poised in a plastic bubble at the top of a slide
anytime now, she goes down
one does not know if the child can be saved
#oneiricnovel #irvingpaulpereira #dailywriting #dailywriting2016

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