sleep of the kind

it’s the sleep of the kind,
this kind…
hide and seek with the medicine man
not out of fear or stress but playfulness and childhood
I nearly bump into beauty at the stairwell
immediately, we fall in love
she reminds me of my variant clones
a male and female with my name but spelt differently
i envision them by a house overlooking the sea
not the white tower
-that which is so full of dead
that of the debris field
unlit spirit portal of an ended world –
there is no need for tense watching, taut waiting
this is a place of normalcy and innocence and war-lessness and quiet sleep
there’s timeless food under the void deck
comfort for the hungry
cultural cuisine for and from the heartland
there are homes extended to common areas
adding light to grey realities
like a welcomed museum or gallery
installations of personal belongings
belonging at last
$irvingpaulpereira #oneiricnovel #dailywriting2016

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