the red program

It’s not even a room, but a state, a projected space in a shared mind
it’s a presence, not of humans, but intelligence
possibly a hologram as outboard DNA laser sequence
orbiting an electric field

two selves as bodies of light
etheric snakes and ladders
one program cluster pitched higher,
the other, beneath my central code
one of the two had committed the same crime
the time now, is of matching signatures

perhaps, the resulting program is sent out to black ops
to the dead night hours before a great outdoor fair
along highway width streets as concrete corridors

this is a defence mission
as explained by commander
he teaches me the targeting system
my weapon is neither gun-shaped nor menacing
a device unseen but with a circular, rotating constellation of pin lights
thousands of organic nano-drones, mechanised and breathing insects too small to see in the singular
the commander says, “when something goes wrong, wait until the cameras start recording.”
I learn, my triggered system will start the red program
I see black oblong eyes raised on tripods next to steel legs holding up wall-less white tents
not only us, watching the ever night, but also, a sense of something other, lurking beyond the veils of perception

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